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August 12, 2017 18:05

Vertical radiators - characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

radiator a few unusual phrase is nothing new for us, in fact, does not disappear.Vertical radiators - the same equipment for heating, such as materials and made with the same operating principle as that of the traditional - horizontal orientation - radiators.But once someone has made them such means, for something they need?Or is this another trick in marketing in order to attract attention of potential buyers original design?Here are this and face it.

From the title it is clear that a model of vertical radiators are sometimes quite considerable height, but the width of the opposite - small.Here, perhaps, and the only difference.No significant difference in the wiring diagrams (liner), execution (monolithic or sectional), and the rest do not.Therefore, there is the legitimate question - what gives the "verticality" of radiators?


No need to explain how sometimes it is difficult to enter the conventional battery in the design space.The vertical design is more convenient in terms of "compatibility"

with the situation and finish the room, brings to it an element of novelty and elegance (although this is an amateur).Furthermore, such products are of a variety of forms and colors.

Installation of batteries provides a substantial saving valuable space.Often it radiators interfere to put in the right place at the desired (or most appropriate) piece of furniture.

Can be installed almost anywhere in the room without any restrictions (for example, in a niche on the side of the column or on it, between cabinets), while the horizontal products require more space.

Some models successfully combine the functions of the heater and heated towel rail.



When all parameters are the same vertical heat battery is slightly lower than the horizontal counterparts.This is due to the fact that warm air masses are always rushing to the ceiling.Therefore, the upper part of the radiator works practically "idle".The natural question - why warm air near the ceiling, if it is there, and so warm?

is why horizontal performance battery positioned near the floor, operate more efficiently, since all their surface is involved in heating the air.

Due to the large size vertical battery is quite massive.Therefore, their installation is made only on a solid foundation - main wall, partition wall made of bricks and the like.Mount them on the cellular concrete is not necessary, since mount quickly "get loose."

some difficulties in the care - will have to climb on the platform (ladder, chair, etc.) to remove dust from the top.People older it is unlikely to bring pleasure.

It is advisable to connect only from the bottom, otherwise the pipe will stretch up the wall that will not add to the attractiveness of the room.For horizontal radiator is not so much.


In our market, the most widely featured products «Accuro-Korle» (Turkey), «Kermi» (Germany), «JAGA» (Belgium), although this is not the only manufacturer supplying vertical radiators.price range is huge, since their formation is influenced by many factors.

For example, the article «Stelrad VERTEX» (1,8 x 0,4 m, depth 12.9 cm) with a capacity of 1.1 kW will cost 19,240 rubles.The same model with a width of 50 cm and depth 10.4 cm the capacity is characterized by a 0.94 kW, but it is worth 31,450 rubles (at the same working pressure of 10 atm).

vertical -HN -e- radiators

Conclusion Probably just because of the originality of engineering solutions, non-standard constructive execution Manufacturers estimate such products more expensive horizontal counterparts.Other explanations can not be.But to pay only for the "unusual" appearance makes no sense.Is that when it is vertical battery is more suitable in a particular selected hosts (on the basis of convenience) location, or if they like to stand out with something original, including, and radiators.If this is not necessary, then choose conventional bimetal radiators.