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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choosing a voltage regulator for a gas boiler - the types and models

reliable and long-term operation of any electrical (electronic) devices depends largely on the quality of the supply voltage.Unfortunately, we can not affect it, and we get what we deliver power.However, we can still do something about it.Just connect the heating boiler to a surge protector, and many problems will be solved.

Types stabilizers


Surge Protectors They are characterized by high accuracy (deviation from nominal shall not exceed ± 3%).But for working with gas equipment they use is forbidden, as for the closure / opening the contact, the formation of sparks.In addition, the presence of friction parts dramatically reduces their lifespan.


Reliable, ensure preservation of sine wave form when changing voltage, resistant to overloads.The best option, taking into account the balance of quality and cost.But there is a drawback - some delay stabilization.When buying, it is desirable to consult the feasibility of the application in conjunction with the specific model of a gas boiler, a

s it depends on the characteristics of its electronics.

With Voltage boost

Switching devices.Characterized by extremely low accuracy and reliability.But it is limited to the upper limit voltage, so when his regular racing is not necessary to acquire the network.Moreover, the price is quite high.


They - TRIAC.The most durable and silent.But the "painful" to respond to network interference.In terms of congestion are not completely reliable.

regulator - to - boiler

What to consider when choosing

  1. network parameters, which will be connected to the stabilizer.Each model - its requirements to the supply voltage.How
  2. filter provided with the product?From Pure sinewave output voltage depends largely on the stability of the boiler electronics (control board).
  3. voltage stabilizer must provide, within certain limits, taking into account the tolerance (±).The desired range to be specified in the passport of the boiler.
  4. magnitude of the load.Some owners are connected to one stabilizer and at the same time the boiler and the pump, although this is undesirable.The load is considered complete, and it should be increased by about 1/3 (necessary margin).If you take the less powerful model, it will not withstand overloads.And buy more powerful and, consequently, to pay more, it makes no sense.

Defining consumption boiler power, people who are not versed in technical terms, often make the mistake of confusing the electricity to heat.This is - two different things, and it is necessary to focus on the electrical (input).

The passport (see "Specifications"), it is indicated by the figures with the dimension "W".And in "kW" is specified thermal capacity.

There is one more nuance - in calculating the capacity of the pump.Can not be discounted its inrush current that can exceed three times the nominal.

Therefore counting is done so:

electric power (pump + boiler x 3) x 1.3 = required power stabilizer.
installation method.Some models are designed to work on any horizontal surface (floor stand), the other - for mounting on the wall.But the best option - a universal mount (and there and there).You may be an idea to reinstall it during repairs.

As an example - the most common low-end models.


«Calm» of different modifications.Accuracy of stabilization - ± 5%.Execution of a relay or triac.The price in the range of 4900 - 5780 rubles.



«Resanta".Floor and wall, and all models - relay.Accuracy - ± 8%, and therefore cheaper - from 1 200 to 1 600 rubles.


There are also more expensive stabilizers, but many of them are going under license in China.

Practical advice

  • In areas that are "fed" from the old substation, and also in areas with intensive buildings, power surges in the network - everyday thing.In such circumstances it is advisable to use a thyristor regulator.
  • stabilizers wall much easier.They save space, and the risk of mechanical damage to a minimum.
  • Choosing the power you need to focus on the "W" and not to "B / A".
  • Passports on some models indicate that they work in a wide range, almost from 110 to 320. But what is the quality of the output voltage (nominal, "purity" of a sine wave)?A good guarantee can serve reputable manufacturer and the country of assembly.

Despite all high performance regulators, practitioners for the gas boilers are advised to purchase a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).They cost much more expensive - from 9000 rubles - but provide almost 100% protection of the gas appliance.

  • Firstly, the output sine wave is obtained close to the ideal.
  • Secondly, there is no "failures" in the diet, as the kit includes a battery.

There are other advantages.

And finally, it is worth paying attention to one detail, which many people forget.Manufacturers of gas boilers void all warranties fail to fulfill their requirements for operation.One of them - high-quality power supply unit.Therefore, the choice of voltage stabilizer for the boiler should be approached with great responsibility.