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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to calculate the slope of a roof - all the parameters that need to be taken into account

roof structure with a ramp (or ramps) harder than flat.However, the most common such roofs inasmuch as they are much easier to maintain.But before you begin construction, must understand, first of all, is not how to calculate the slope of a roof, and other parameters, and which affects such calculations.

After the roof has certain influence of the environment, and for the correctness of calculations should take into account all the possible load on the roof of the future, depending on the climatic conditions of the region.

What should consider when calculating

direction and speed of prevailing winds

The steeper the slope, the greater the wind load will experience this portion of the roof.However, it should be understood that the smaller the angle of slope, the greater the likelihood that the cover sheets will be lifted wind force, and eventually the roof is on the ground.

slope - roof


precipitation Practice shows that the roof with a slope angle of 30 degrees experiencing maximum snow

load on the roof.However, at angles of 45 degrees or more snow itself descends from the top of almost all.For small angles in the rain the wind will "try" to drive the water under the sheets joints (parts of) the roof.

way, and roof coating material should be selected not only for reasons of appearance, or value.He must provide the required roof strength.There are some guidelines for choosing the angle of the roof depending on the coating material.

Roof angle

minimum angle (in degrees):

for slate - 30;
for tiles - 15;
for roofing and other rolled materials - 5.

General recommendations

  • for areas with dry climates better fit a flat roof.Such roofs are appropriate if the region is quite frequent strong winds;
  • if in the winter there are heavy snowfall, the roof needs to be done abruptly.But this is - if the prevailing wind is not too strong.In the normal level winds sufficient angle of 35 - 40 degrees;
  • prevails if a strong wind, the angle must be reduced to 15 - 20 degrees;
  • to keep in mind that an increase in the angle of inclination is increased and the roof area.Consequently, increased material consumption and thus the cost of the construction;
  • at large angles of inclination of the roof is not recommended to use roll material, since there is a possibility of their slipping.The maximum permissible angle for them - 25 degrees.

When calculating the roof should be guided by the appropriateness of a given design and material.You can always take the most appropriate decision.