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August 12, 2017 18:05

What better use for house construction - aerated concrete or foam ?

comparison And he and the other material is an artificial stone and refers to the "cellular concrete" group.It is to them more often and pay attention to individual developers, as this kind of building is considered the most simple and budget.Unfortunately, the majority of articles devoted to the selection of construction between the gas concrete and foam concrete, consider in detail only the characteristics of these materials, which means "... draw your own conclusions."

This is partly true.But in this article we will make an analysis of some properties based on the appropriateness of the use of certain products in each case.After all, it is clear that general recommendations can not give answers to all questions.Here we will try those "gaps" to minimize, and in passing to dispel some myths, which are crammed with intrusive advertising.

By the way, many articles on the advantages and disadvantages of aerated concrete and foam concrete, there are points at which says that these materials not "rot", "do not bu

rn", not "amenable to corrosion, rodents," and the like.Analysis of these "features" we deliberately skipped as simply unclear what audience is intended such a "valuable" information, when it is clear and certain materials - stone, albeit artificial.

First of all, you need to consider?

  • Local conditions.It is not only the climate, but also the location of the house (in a valley or on a hill, is closed other facilities, forest belt or "purged" from all sides), and so on.
  • their financial capabilities.Guided solely on the price of units - means of making a mistake.After all, a large proportion of the cost - is improvement of utilities, building finishes and a number of other measures, without which no cost, the construction of houses made of any type of product.What is cheaper just to build a house, we have already mentioned.

Hence the logical conclusion that the formulation of the question "what is best" is not quite correct.And that, and another material has its advantages, and some "cons".Therefore, it will stop some of the features of construction, taking into account the problems that most concern the private builder.

aerated concrete - and - foam

Ability to self-assembly

work with that, and with other material not extremely difficult.This is not the construction of a log house made of wood, when you really can not do without the help of a professional, at least as a supervisor.Concrete mesh well handled, it does not need special equipment.The right tool can find from any host.The relatively small weight of the blocks allows them to manually move, including and a height.

But there is one feature.The process of "fitting" of the aerated concrete products (GB) is somewhat more complicated.The fact that the binding of these blocks is performed by means of adhesive, while the mortar used for foam concrete mounting (PB).Therefore it is important the accuracy of product processing, otherwise the adhesive consumption will increase dramatically, and it is not cheap.And the formation of the so-called "cold bridges" can not be avoided.

aerated concrete Therefore, organizations that sell GB blocks, and immediately offer to acquire the appropriate means for aligning edges that have to do, and after cutting the product (although it can be produced and independently).But the process requires some skill and takes time.

There is another difference.Establish production GB at home (if we talk about the quality) will not work, but to make the PB on the job site are quite capable of every developer.Forms can be used both purchased and self-assembly of improvised materials.

There are well-established view that the time of the aerated concrete products - factory production, their geometry is more proper, that allows you to make the clutch more smoothly.But it somehow did not mention the fact that since aerated concrete blocks "planted" in the solution, then tweak, trim them on this layer will not be working, even for inexperienced wizard.

Features Construction

We are talking about the number of storeys.In this respect, aerated concrete is "reliable", and can be easily built on 2-3 floors of these units.But on the aerated concrete can not be said - it is necessary to carry out a number of additional measures (eg, reinforcement).Hence - plus "ennaya" amount of total expenditure.

And another point.Foam concrete mass can be poured into the mold, that is to equip monolithic structure.For example, additional insulation, interior walls of complicated configuration - options enough.This adds an extra "plus" foam concrete.

Table 2

external finish

It is believed that the house of gazosilikata can not coat, but of foam blocks - necessarily, because they are not very "attractive" appearance.This is how you look - on the one hand, concrete structure looks neat and noble color - white, especially since everyone has their own concept of beauty.

But there is one very significant, nuance.In contrast to his "brother", GB absorbs liquid.It turns out that in view of this factor will have to equip the "protection" of the walls from rain.Otherwise, do not avoid and the constant dampness in the home, and the destruction of the material.Therefore, all advertising "agitation", claiming that at the finish aerated concrete (compared with PB) You can save good - no more than a fiction, another "zamanuha" based on the buyer's incompetence.Even if we restrict ourselves only to the injection waterproofing (or impregnating), then it would require certain material investments.


Construction of buildings

Naturally, once it comes to an apartment building, you will have to carry out a range of activities both during construction and on the move.This laying of pipes, cables, and placement on the walls of devices (eg, boiler), furniture and so on.And here is how to fix it?

In GB plug is securely held, but with regard to the IB, the anchors without can not do - the material is too porous.That is what is great (although a relative when skilful approach) "minus" foam.Therefore, the choice of type of finish products of PB is somewhat limited.They often host chooses plaster compositions to simplify (and less expensive) process of the external design of surfaces.

What kind of house is warmer?

And in fact, and in another.The main thing - to choose the correct "parameters" of materials.This size (mean wall thickness) and density.Much depends on the correct installation of the thermal insulation measures.But one thing is certain - in such houses more comfortable than in the brick, as both foam and aerocrete able to maintain the microclimate at the same level in both summer and winter.

foam - aerated

What construction is cheaper?

Almost costs are about the same (equal for all "options" - dimensions and the like).If you compare the price of products, the PB cheaper.Its 1 m3 will cost approximately 2.5 - 2.9 thousand rubles, while the cost for GB "cube" is in the range of 3.1 - 3700 (for all other things being equal).

But construction costs are determined not only that.Clay (in the construction of the walls of GB) fit into a thin layer, but the solution (for PB) - thicker.If we consider the price of cement, the total cost and receives approximately the same.


This issue is of concern to many, it even became fashionable - not only think about their own health, but also for the environment.In this regard, many are "minus" blocks, as their production technology based on the use of "chemistry".But for some reason forget that the more "eco-friendly" products GB installed using adhesives, which also contain a variety of chemicals.Therefore, in reality, to talk about the absolute "purity" of the construction just makes no sense.


believed that it blocks GB 1.8 times greater than for PB.But the data - relative.Much depends on the quality of installation and finishing work, as well as the regularity and correctness of preventive measures, as good care significantly increases the durability of any material.

information is given over to a full zealous owner.And on what "rock" opt - think for yourself, given the above considerations about the nuances of the construction of the "light" of concrete.