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August 12, 2017 18:05

English style in the interior of your apartment - decorated living room , bedroom and kitchen

Quite often people who are not experienced in the interior features, confuse style "country" and "English".But this is not the same thing.The first can be called "village", "village", which is characterized by a craving for the finishing natural materials and the presence of some elements of the situation and coarse ware - wooden tables, stools, pottery cup and so on.

English style is characterized as "aristocratic".And in fact, it is a harmonious and successful mix of the other two - the Victorian and Georgian.To understand the characteristics of it, which is called in English, you need to understand the differences between the "initial" styles, each of which corresponds to a certain age.

Victorian - craving for luxury and brightness of colors (shades).

Georgian Georgian - restraint in color, strict symmetry throughout.


How to combine these somewhat incompatible versions of the interior in the same room?The main features of the English style are:

  • refined taste, but moderation in all things,
    bordering with rigor;
  • luxury, but restrained, without the "blatancy";
  • elegance and sophistication;
  • total clearance of all rooms is done so that in the end we got a single harmonious composition;
  • free space (this is one of the reasons to implement all the ideas of the designer on the design of small-sized housing in the English style is unlikely to succeed);
  • some conservatism in the decoration and atmosphere, indicating the continuity of generations.

When you register any room in an appropriate style, much depends on the experience and imagination of the designer.Moreover, this type of activity does not tolerate any strict canons least because all the rooms are distinguished by their characteristics and personality.Therefore, we can only talk about the main trends in the design of their distinctive features.

Therefore, all examples and tips can be purely advisory in nature.To get a general idea of ​​the English style in a single apartment, look at some of the most common variants of its design.


materials and decorative elements

preferred wood, but only valuable species (a tribute to Victorian).For example, walnut, oak stained, beech, ash, yew.Doors, moldings, furniture, wall panels - all made of natural materials, no imitation.

  • Fabric - only expensive, mainly "hard" (eg, drape).
  • sure to have at least a small fireplace.
  • Blankets, cushions (the last to be more than one).
  • paintings, portraits (the correct form of the frame - mainly oval or square).

Antiques - clocks, various statues and so on.Although you can use and something quite exotic.If you recall the story in the past Britain had many colonies.It was there in the house of the British got the most unusual things.Therefore, such a style readily admits experimenting with design apartments.


Another small touch - some "attrition", which gives the finishing touch and the things of old.This gives the impression that in this home all passed as an inheritance from generation to generation over the years (as part of a tradition of conservatism).

Interior separate rooms


One of the most problematic buildings in terms of design. First , to place in the kitchen of standard dimensions massive furniture made of wood is very difficult, given the relatively small size of the room.Hence, it is necessary to order set by individual parameters, not content with those ready "sets" that are exhibited at the furniture shops.

Second , there is quite a lot of home appliances, and the task of the designer - how can more rationally "hide" them in different sections and cabinets.Perhaps from something will have to give up, if you want to fully sustain the English style.Or experiment in advance, "projecting" the optimum design headset.

Given this component of the English style, like grace, washing is probably the only option - the product of ceramics.And if it is an imitation, only very high quality, therefore, expensive.Another touch to the design of the kitchen in the English style - porcelain and silverware.


main "element" of the interior of the room - fireplace.Naturally, you can put in a city apartment only electrical device that simulates a natural center.But its surface finish should match the overall style - imitation wood (dark) or stone (preferably carved).

requires a special approach and organization of lighting.If wall lamps (sconces), the small size.It is advisable to place the unit or floor (floor lamp), or a massive desk lamp.Crystal chandelier is massive - as another basic element of the overall decor.


furniture items must be carved or bent parts (eg legs), high backrest (chairs, armchairs), and padding - from plain fabrics, but bright colors.

Mandatory attributes of the interior living room - a roomy bookcase and coffee table (imitation home library).Heavy drapes, preferably with lambrequins, only complement the overall picture.



Bed necessarily wooden, dark color.Everything on it - pillowcases on the pillows, bedspread - just a single color, without the "flowers" and similar decorations (element of restraint).All materials, unlike the bed itself, only light tone.

Another detail - the wardrobe, but without legs.Next to the bed - coffee table with a lamp.As an option - sconces bedside.

Some designers are of the opinion that in the bedroom should be necessarily a massive crystal chandelier.


Practical advice

Anyone, even a beginner, a psychologist would say that the design of the dwelling must comply with the internal world masters.Therefore, not every style is right "for all".This fully applies to the English.If you are committed to respecting tradition, you have a taste and know what a sense of proportion - it's for you.If not - it is better to pay attention to anything else.For example, art-deco, hi-tech or otherwise.The choice is always there.A blind pursuit of fashion is unlikely to cause a feeling of complete satisfaction.