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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a bath for a small bathroom - selection options

Batha The problem with many of our homes - modest size bathroom.What guided those who designed the apartment buildings exactly unknown, but the fact remains - in the process of replacing the plumbing often arise some problems.And most important of them - how to choose a bath for a small bathroom?Try to understand, what bound the complexity of such a choice.

First , a large range of products.In addition to traditional cast iron baths, you can find models of plastic and steel.Yes, and the same familiar to us, cast iron, are sold in these versions (and the size and shape), which focus on one thing pretty hard.

Second , every woman strive to possibly slightly increase the free space, and to use the bathroom it was more convenient, and has gone in the washing machine you like the model that it was impossible to establish with the old bathroom.

Third , small size premises significantly complicate the assembly works.

best option - to buy an acrylic bath.Not only experts, but also the experience
of operation of such models shows that they are much better and more convenient to steel or cast iron counterparts.A low weight allows you to install them easily into the smallest of spaces, as even single-handedly move the easy capacity, align and fix in place.

Question of criteria for the selection of quality products, on how to navigate that this was considered in a separate article on the choice of high-quality acrylic baths.a separate article.

dwell only on design features, so that the reader can immediately see how these fit the bath for a small bathroom.

Baths' Corner »

How kind - asymmetrical.Such models have complicated configuration (for example, bevelled edges, according to the changing bending radius restriction body to the legs).The length of the side of not more than 1.4 meters, although there are products and smaller sizes.

Baths "deep»

features more capacity without increasing the linear dimensions.

Spa "near-wall»

oval shape with a flat edge, which is adjacent to the wall.

Baths "sessile»

achieved "savings" over the length of the order of 20 - 40 cm. But they are less convenient and more suitable for the elderly or disabled.Although all commercially available models - the amateur, and these are no exception.

tray with doors

In fact, this mini-bath.For children it is suitable, and an adult can take a procedure, without experiencing discomfort.

Practical recommendations

  • If instead of a bath set shower or corner, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in usable space.
  • Replacing a toilet in a suspended model will add free space (for the rooms combined type).
  • It is advisable to change and sink.The best option - mounted model or corner (without base).
  • It is worth paying attention to the "legs" bath.What they are smaller, the better.
  • can replace the old bath on the same model, only smaller.. For example, 120 cm The fact that the standard length of 150 - 170 still does not allow to lie down, stretched out at full length.So, in principle, a reduction in the dimensions of the product will not cause significant inconvenience.