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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a waterproof laminate kitchen - features and tips

waterproof laminate - for - food Question selecting the corresponding "finishing" flooring in any room causes some difficulty in virtually all.For the most part, we are well versed in the products intended for wall or ceiling, the floors with the picture is different - they have to deal with much less.

kitchens feature is that the floor must be resistant to fluids (water-resistant), abrasion and mechanical impact.This is determined by the characteristics of its operation.

  • Permanent excess humidity in the room, especially when drawing insufficiently effective.
  • careless people, when the water just poured out onto the floor.
  • specific use of food and basic hygiene requirements dictate the need to regularly clean this room, and preferably damp.
  • wrong choice plumbers (wash compliance parameters with the height of the spout of the mixer) leads to splashing water and hit her in particular, and on the floor.
  • We must not forget that the kitchen laid utilities (drain, water supply), and, therefore, possible leaks or leaks.
  • this room - one of the most heavily used in the apartment.Even if you count how many "kilometers pulls" only one hostess, preparing food, you get a very impressive figure.
  • coating must be durable, because sometimes, for example, the floor falls heavy dishes, sharp objects.

Given all this, it becomes clear that to choose water-resistant laminate for the kitchen is not easy - take a closer look of its features, which will help us make the right choice.

edges samples

plastic laminate most vulnerable spot of the laminate - joints of boards.If liquid gets on the floor, then over time there is a "distortion" of sex.No drying of the material will not help, because his strain - an irreversible process.moisture resistant laminate manufacturing technology involves the processing of edges (ends) using spetssostavov containing silicone or wax.

adhesive composition

Laminate has a multilayer structure.All the layers are bonded together by gluing.In the production of this type of product used adhesives that are not "afraid" of water.

Protective Film

It is more durable, in addition, further processed by a special moisture repellent lacquer.


as such is often used more durable plate HDF.But the best option is when the foundation of the product PVC - a vinyl laminate does not absorb liquid even in miniscule amounts.


What to consider

  1. should carefully read the certificate on the laminate on its features (described above).The fact that products from different manufacturers, designated as "water-resistant", differ in their characteristics.
  2. class should not be below 31 th, although preferably 32 minutes or 33 minutes.But such products are more expensive.
  3. If the base - HDF, the swelling ratio should be no more than 16%.
  4. Execution - laminate or sold in the form of panels or floorboard.Given that any kitchen crowded with furniture, household appliances, better to stay at the last variant.In the event of damage to the two or three "parketin" to replace them were not working, and not have to deal rearrangement of furniture.And if it is a single assembly - set?Or bulky refrigerator?
  5. density (indicated on the package).The figure is higher, the better the product.
  6. surface.Since we are talking about the kitchen, the water on the floor can not be avoided.Therefore, the front "of the product should be grooved to avoid slipping on the wet floor location."Smooth" laminate flooring in the kitchen is traumatic - in more detail all the nuances of the laminate in the kitchen discussed here.


Many sources in describing the advantages of the laminate indicates that it is easy to put on their own.This is not entirely true.This requires not only a good knowledge of the full range of activities (training bases, "substrate" montage), but also the experience of similar work.If we spent money on quality products, it makes sense to pay for professional services.And the knowledge needed to unobtrusively monitor the quality montazha.Ne superfluous to know in advance the fees for laying laminate, so as not to overpay.

In most kitchens headsets fully covers all pipes of appropriate communications.If possible, it is desirable to place the case (and the choice of the design model to take into account) to the joints, valves installation were available for regular inspection.This will immediately identify arisen fluid leakage or leakage in the system.