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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making the mailbox with their own hands - a design , materials and advice

mail box can be made from almost any material.But the best option (and longevity, and the fortress, and for ease of assembly) is to use laminated plywood or thin boards.The Network discusses the various options for the mail box.There are even tips on how to make it from the carton, although it is too unreliable option.

Before we start doing the mailbox to find out where it will be installed.In apartment buildings mailboxes are placed directly in doorways, between the first and second floors, and constitute a single team structure.Therefore, think about how to make a mailbox, you need someone who lives in a private building.And in private homes mailboxes are located on the street.How long it will hold a cardboard box under the open sky, rain or snow, and even if it is to protect the visor?

design mailbox

word "box" in the name of the product implies the existence of the back, front and side walls, as well as the bottom and top cover.The dimensions of these components determines the mailbox, of cour

se, the very "designer".After all, everyone has their own e-mail, including the format, and the volume of correspondence.For bonding between all the elements of a box, you can use small nails or screws (screws).However, a more preferable option when mounting is done with the help of corner.

best to use duralumin, it will be enough and "tens".Using brackets, firstly, ensure the rigidity of the whole structure, and, secondly, facilitate its repair (if necessary).It is much easier to roll out the screws and nuts than the pull screws.Screwing-reversing, in the case of wood material, causing it to wear.And if you use a layered plywood, then there area a lot better.The laminated layers to twist the screw is difficult, because you must also sustain the accuracy of the direction of "progress" of the screw.A little to the side, and he was already outside.

mail - box - 2

All mailboxes different location slots for correspondence.Take into account that if it is located on the top cover, it is convenient for the postman.However, precipitation will fall from above into the box.So, you need to install an additional protective shield.If the slot to make the front wall (above), then the postman uncomfortable correspondence will crumple, but precipitation into virtually penetrate.

question and how best to position the door recesses of newspapers and letters.You can do it on the front wall of the box, but it will require extreme accuracy in fitting parts.If between the door and the wall will be a gap, it will be a good "loophole" for the same rain.And here is the visor of little help.Therefore it is better to do door to the recess bottom, and it should not do separately.It may happen that some kind of "message" is simply stuck in a drawer.

will correct the entire lower part of the box (bottom) to make a flip.Small loop - this is not a problem, they can be purchased at any furniture store.Naturally, the need to provide for the installation brackets for padlock to overly curious neighbors looked at someone else's mail.There also we have such people, so that the safety of registered letters should be provided.


Will only consider the external design of homemade box.There is one psychological factor.If the box is decorated too "flashy", pretentious, then surely there will be many more who want to distribute to all sorts of advertising.