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August 12, 2017 18:06

We make a simple bird feeder out of the box

feeder - to - bird - of -the-box - 3 compassion, help your neighbor, any living creature - a natural need of every normal person.In winter, birds lack the stern, and additional feeding of birds to help them through these difficult times.Make a bird feeder for them is not difficult, it would wish.

Naturally, the usual, habitual feeders are designed for smaller species of birds for us.Weight of large specimens such feeder simply not survive.Variants of such troughs set.The starting material, size and shape - it all depends on the location and installation method (mounting).Consider the simplest options for the manufacture of bird feeders out of ordinary boxes.But take into account that the boxes are different.

feeder of the carton

feeder - to - bird - of -the-box - 1 This trough will be less robust as the cardboard has a small lifetime.Feeder will be on the street, and weather conditions, wind, snow, humidity - all this quickly leads her into disrepair.Therefore, after the production of the feeder should be protected.

To the birds have free access to feed, cut

a hole in the side wall of the box.The size of the "input" must be determined based on small birds, bird, for example.The lower edge of the hole should be slightly above the bottom level, otherwise all the food will always crumble down in the snow birds where it can not reach.It is necessary to provide that the lid is opened, so that we can fill the food.For this purpose, on the rear side wall of the lid of the box made by the two notch edges."Free" wall can be simply glued to the box.Then access to the inside of the box to be, and the snow it would not fall.


Outside the box can be something or sheathing (film, oil cloth, and so on. D.), Or cover cardboard moisture-resistant varnish.Mounted on this box or using twine, thin wire, or installed in a place where it will be tight "sit" (a fork of branches, for example).Screwed screwed and nailed cardboard feeder is not necessary, we will not mangle trees.

feeder out of a plastic box

feeder - to - bird - of - box - 2 In recent years, many products sold in plastic packaging.It is either ready to box or pallet with high cover.This feeder is more convenient in that the plastic is not affected by the atmosphere.Attach a convenient box with screws through the side wall.To search for a drill and drill enough glow nail or a piece of thick wire and holes for screws just burn.

to the birds accustomed to the feeder and master, need some time to rub the food and the top, on the cover.And be sure to monitor the cleanliness in such a confined space, the feeder will need to be cleaned periodically.