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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a cutting board made ​​of wood with their hands - simple and beautiful

make a chopping board Cutting board is an essential feature of any kitchen.Boards come in and professional (for example, for catering establishments), and domestic.They also differ in shape and size, and material of which are made.But the most popular were and remain a wooden cutting board.To make a cutting board made of wood with their hands (and it is not difficult), it suffices to know some simple rules.

Firstly, not all wood is suitable for making a cutting board.One material absorbs moisture quickly and the other has practically "humidity resistant".Wood may have a tendency to delamination.And for different hardness of wood species differ from each other.

In order to make the board for the kitchen, suitable breeds such as oak, pine, birch.Do the board and beech and acacia.There are also more expensive breeds (eg, Hevea), but this is an amateur.The simplest cutting board can be made from a sheet of puff even plywood.

Terms of manufacturing cutting board

method of manufacture of the board, regardless

of the material is the same.First the razmёtka board depending on the shape and size desired - here everyone uses their imagination.For ease of use do not forget about the pen.The handle must be placed strictly on the longitudinal axis of the board, so you must carefully they sounded, and define this axis.

cutting board

hacksaw or jigsaw sawed own board and pen.Do not forget the corners and bends in the handle area.They must be carefully grind off, round file, on sandpaper - one that is available.And not only that, you can get hurt.Small pieces of wood left after the saw operation, can then break off and fall into the product, and then - in the esophagus.This can already be dangerous.

further using all the same sandpaper is necessary to process the entire surface of the board, paying special attention to the ends.Direct surface angles are better rounded.If you have made a pen, do not forget to drill a hole in it.Then the board can be stored in a suspended state in a convenient place for you.

necessary to take into account the fact that the tree is covered with microcracks, and they accumulate remnants of food waste.Therefore, the cutting board after each use must be very careful to wash and dry.Good grease paraffin board, pre-heating and the board slightly, and paraffin.Apply for a "sealing" of cracks and wax.


  1. When the board to consider not only the manufacture of its surface area, but also the weight.
  2. And another useful tip - for each type of product is best to have your cutting board.

process of making a cutting board in the video: