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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make seat - bag with his hands - a detailed master class with patterns

problem of dissatisfaction with their housing conditions is one of the most topical for many Russians.And while they have improved (unfortunately, most of us have to wait for years, because not everyone wants to get into huge debt), one of the options for increasing the free space - the acquisition of frameless furniture.If necessary, a seat bag can be easily assembled with their hands or remove superfluous "here and now".

In selling a rather large assortment of such products in the photo - one of the samples, as all models feature dimensions, material, and a number of other parameters.

Bean -bag - chair_big

thing, of course, not only fashionable, but also very convenient, especially for facilities with modest dimensions.Especially as the price of low-end models is quite acceptable.Kids will cost about 1000 rubles, and for adults - from 3 000 to 5 000.Only here it would be possible to find exactly what you want the color, the shape, the material of the filler, and the like.After all, everyone has their own concept of

an ideal and "most comfortable" chair.

PPP Given that the manufacturing process is quite simple, why not make your own bag chair, the more so that all the "parts" can be free to buy?Filler (as in the photo - polystyrene in granules) is approximately 450 - 500 rubles per 15 kg pack.This will be enough for a bag with a capacity of 100 liters.So, after reading the proposed master class, you got the new practical piece of furniture, made with his own hands.

choice of materials


criteria are not so much - strength, wear resistance;and that the matter was not rude, or so the chair will be unpleasant to use.Consider the options:

  • bag flock;
  • suede or leather (artificial);
  • Chenille;
  • velor;
  • jacquard;
  • tapestry.

And here, for example, silk, satin or sheeting should be avoided, as they are pretty fast "izotrutsya".

If you want to make a case, then it is necessary to prepare the fabric.

Additional materials

  • filler (it has been said).
  • Lightning (on the cover).

selection pattern

form seats can be anything - "pear", "ball" and so much more.Fantasy home handyman has no boundaries.That pattern for rectangular patterns:


And pear-shaped:


If the reader is not satisfied with the size, the increase (decrease) scale - a simple matter.In this article (on the specified dimensions) fabric will need no more than 3 meters plus -. About 70 -80 cm "lightning."

suitable thick paper or thin cardboard for the manufacture of templates.According to him, and cut pieces of fabric sewn together.inserted lock- "lightning" in one of the seams.After the work is inverted cover.

To make the chair a desired shape is an edge.For example, the perimeter twisted cord is sewn.Another way - fold (5 - 7 mm) and another line.

in Inner cover approximately 2/3 of the volume is filled with polystyrene foam and the opening is sutured.That's it, your bag chair is ready.