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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stand for Christmas tree with his hands - quick options

Christmas tree stand

Christmas holidays always occur "suddenly".People are preparing for it well in advance, plan to heap all sorts of purchases and acquisitions, but often forget about such a "trifle" - how to set up the Christmas tree.It's one thing if it is artificial and it comes complete with a stand.Another thing, when you bought a living forest beauty, and brought into the house.What's next?Sooner or later the question arises - how to put it?"Dad, think of something" - there's no getting around it.But in advance make a good stand that will serve faithfully for many years, it is not difficult.

How do you stand under the tree

possible to make a stand, "Bench" means.Need four short boards (25 cm, 15 mm) and two similar boards 35 cm. The corners of the metal or "duralumin" are attached to the ends of short boards, which in turn is attached to the long boards.Thus it is necessary to make a small indentation on their edges.The result is two small benches.They should be connected to each other.Small benches will p

lay a support role for the entire structure.

Center long planks drilled with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the tree trunk.The end of the tree trunk can be additionally attached to the underside of the board, or to fix a bolt screwed into the trunk of the tree on the axis.The main criterion for evaluation of your palm trees, made with his own hands - herringbone should occupy a stable vertical position, and under no circumstances should not wobble.All that's now possible to set and decorate the Christmas tree.

stand drawing

Instead boards sometimes use wooden blocks.They should be the same size, otherwise the stand will curve.Both bars are strictly in the middle is a sample of the material (rectangular bevel) the size of the width of the timber.It is necessary to calculate the depth of the bevel, so that after the imposition of the bars to each other, "criss-cross" obtained design is not swayed.If the stand has tilt, it is necessary to make the bevel a little deeper.

metal stand can make a stand and a metal pipe.Its diameter is taken is based on the largest Christmas tree (usually 5 to 8 cm).The pipe is welded to the metal plate, which will serve as the base of the stand.The edges of the plate as much as possible should be rounded so that no one is injured.If welding is performed efficiently and provides sealing of the pipe piece, the stand can be poured into water.This herringbone remain longer and will delight children of all winter holidays.It is recommended to add water or sugar solution little glycerol.

In a pinch, you can use any bucket.In an empty bucket is poured sand layer 10 cm, then placed in a bucket tree, aligned, and then sand to fill up to the upper edge of the bucket.


The dimensions of the material are selected based on the height of the trees, as well as its "massive".It should not be forgotten and that the tree would be to dress up toys and garlands.And this is - the additional load on the ground.

stand under the tree disguised in various ways.Someone obkladyvaet base cotton trees, some with gauze - you only restricts the imagination.