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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a stand for knives made ​​of wood with their hands - instruction

stand Stands for knives are made for different purposes.Someone wants to add to the interior of the room an element such as a collector or just a very original gift knife.Someone keeps a beautiful hunting knife in a prominent place, for which also requires an appropriate stand.Well, in the kitchen of any house there appear dozens of different household knives of different shapes and sizes, which must also be stored somewhere, and do not store "common heap" and correctly.Especially in the kitchen, where the knife should always be at hand, and it is desirable - constantly sharpened. At the same time, the availability of the knife should not interfere with the hostess at work in the kitchen.It is desirable, and access to the knives of young children to limit.In order to solve the problem of proper and convenient storage of knives can be done by hand simple and attractive stand them (so-called nozhevnitsu).Her neatly arranged on a table, and even better - to strengthen nozhevnitsu on the wall, which will save s

pace on the desktop surface.

materials and manufacturing stand

nozhevnitsa The simplest stand for knives easy to make yourself out of plywood or wooden planks, of course, with good surface finish.The width and thickness are selected from the calculation of the appropriate strength and the installation location of the stand.It is also needed and wood reechki.The appearance of the stand must not introduce dissonance in the overall design of the room, so it is the shape and size should be carefully considered.It is necessary to prepare in advance the material that results of your work (varnish, stain, special finishing of paper) will then be processed.If you decided to attach the stand to some surfaces, you must attend to and the corresponding fixture.

Stand - for - knives - their - hands

first prepared rack, which will separate the knives stand apart.They are cut to length depending on the height of the future stand.The number of strips cut from the calculation of the number of blades plus one rake.They are carefully processed from all sides.

After the board (hull supports) and slats are fully prepared, we must expand the knives on one board as they will be stored.The gaps between the blades glued slats.Then, on the edges of the board (indicating the upper and lower part of the stand) are glued two more reechki.In this assembly, in turn, is glued on top of the second board.All the unpretentious and elegant stand for knives ready.

Professionally Decorated finished object depends entirely on the imagination of the master and mistress.For convenience, the blades if they are from the same set with handles and blades of varying lengths may be on the front surface side of untreated supports do loop is in a given location of the knife.You can do an ordinary felt-tip pen.If nozhevnitsa be varnished, the drawing will be made clearly visible.This will correctly pick up the right knife.

The stand can be made to and from another, easily processed material (plastic, for example).You can not make a solid stand, but only from curly strips.Then all the knives will be clearly visible.The main thing - to approach this matter with the desire and spirit.