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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a beautiful Christmas tree made ​​of paper toys

 What holiday tree needs no decoration?The tradition of decorating Christmas beauty for many hundreds of years.Every family tree decoration for the New Year holiday turns into a small celebration, which will long be remembered children.Each member of the family tries to decorate the tree as much as possible more elegant and original.Toys for the Christmas tree, you can, of course, buy, but toys made with his own hands, bring to the design element tree unusual. Toys can be made of anything but the most affordable and easy-to-material processing is, of course, plain paper.Children with great pleasure to take an active part in this work and will help you to make Christmas decorations.

Making Christmas decorations of paper

Because paper can be made a lot of Christmas-tree decorations.Let us consider a few.

Snowflake Paper

paper snowflakes

snowflakes can be made as individual items or entire garlands.All the technology is to correctly folded pieces of paper, and then make the holes and shaped cutouts at the f

olds.Snowflakes can be done from both the white paper and of the multi-colored.

Paper cascade

paper garland necessary to prepare some cardboard cylinder of (you can take part of the case to use the "flappers" or a piece of heavy paper, and it collapsed in a tube).The cylinder must be wrapped with foil and fold the edges inward.From wrapping paper cut two pieces measuring 10 by 16 cm and 16 cm by 16 And from patterned paper -.. Two pieces of 14 to 16 cm on the need to draw a line sheet of 2 cm from the edge.On the other hand made cuts are necessary width (at your discretion).All this is done with all sheets.Then the smaller pieces of the side mounted inside the cylinder.Then glued wider sheets and sheets with patterns.Decoration can be hung on the Christmas tree, or hang out in the room.

Christmas Tree Candy

Christmas candy On Christmas candy manufacturing takes only a few minutes.For the base is taken all the same small cylinder (eg old curlers).The multi-colored foil is cut into equal rectangular pieces, and it turns into a cylinder.It turns out Christmas candy, which can be hung on a Christmas tree thread.

Snowballs paper

Christmas snowflakes out of paper To make snowballs you will need a thin tissue paper, but can be applied to a thin polyethylene.Cut several identical disks (10-12 pieces), the size of which will determine the size of the ball.In the center of each of them must drop by drop of glue and then glue them together.There area on the top layer, and then makes an incision across the stack resulting from the edges toward the center.Likewise preparing one more ball.Finished, they are put back to back.It remains only to fluff obtained strips, and you will see a real ball of fluffy snow.

This creative work on making Christmas-tree toys can not only have fun with the whole family, but also helps the child learn certain skills, develop thinking and ingenuity to become one of the elements to accustom him to work.And most importantly, it is the most favorable impact on the mood of all family members and create a pre-holiday mood in the house.