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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a mechanical and electrical treadmill home - practical tips

fitness The benefits of jogging and walking Much has been written.But everyone, especially if also not favorable weather conditions whether it is possible to do it out?Treadmill - a great solution to the problem.But after a few days to training hunting them "not to discourage" such a simulator you need to choose intelligently.So we look at how to do it, and start with the differences in the paths of engineering solutions.


mechanical functioning principle is based on the fact that the web is rotated by the user effort.Kinda - "manual" control.


  • Given the specificity of construction, it is clear that the pace of the run (walk) is defined by the user.
  • lack of e / motor significantly reduces the overall weight of the simulator.
  • Accordingly, no consumption of e / energy.
  • cost is much lower than that of the "electrified" counterparts.


  • Since the legs are constantly rotate the canvas, they have an additional burden.People who have health problems (varicose veins, leg joi
    nts and disease in a number of other cases) these treadmills are contraindicated.
  • software Min.Typically, only a few control parameters - time speed "mileage" rate, calories burned.

There are 2 types of mechanical tracks - "simple", where you can feel the tug fabric, and with a magnetic mechanism that ensures smooth his movements.This should be taken into account.


Electric track

The product design has electric / engine.


  • Variety of options (programs).There are several standard, but there is a possibility to install their own, according to individual parameters.In this regard, such simulators are universal.
  • Legs less loaded (and, accordingly, do not get tired) because the movement of the fabric by a motor.


  • 'll have to run or walk in accordance with the selected program, adjust to it (if it can be considered a disadvantage. Considering flexible configuration).
  • Pretty high price models (19, 000).

construction , running - track

General criteria for the selection of the treadmill

Power e / motor

There often is a substitution of concepts.Users should be interested in working capacity, and not the maximum (peak), which is often indicated on the price list. And it is chosen according to the weight of the individual.If the track will be used by all members of the family, then you need to focus on the most overweight.

Features paintings

cloth Dimensions .The main criterion of the length and width - not only convenience for a particular user, but also his feelings.Someone does not like bottlenecks, someone does not like it too short track.So here is an important factor - personal perception.Only then classes will be fun.Averaged recommended settings such - 1.2 m (d) x 0.4 m (w) .

makes no sense to choose a treadmill with a longer and wider canvas.For its rotation and electric / engine must be of appropriate power, therefore, the price will be higher.In addition to overall track in a typical apartment is much more difficult to choose a place for installation.

best option - two-sided sheet.As the wear of the front part of it just flipped.In addition, the web must be of several layers.The more of them, so it elastic and durable.

Functionality and Management

  1. method for controlling the angle of the track.This is to load the dosing.On some models, it is done by hand, on more expensive - automatically with the remote.
  2. maximum speed.It should focus on dealing with age.It is unlikely that an elderly person will need a large range.
  3. Lock track.This function must be in electrical simulators.If engaged, for example, dropped (slipped, fell ill), the mechanism must be disconnected immediately.
  4. Siting.Some models are mounted directly on the handrail (pulse measurement), while others are attached to a person (usually on the ear lobe).Such nuances - at the discretion of the user, as appropriate.

Manufacturers always improving design of its products.Therefore, a set of specific model options to be specified by its passport.

once selected , the running - track

To what extent is conducted

service more perfect model, of course, better and more convenient.But whether all the operations you can perform on their own?After all component parts need periodic maintenance.If you invite artists, how much to pay for their services?The question is not idle.


warranty period - is one thing.It is also important who and how it will carry out technical support.Is there anything in this village the appropriate service center?All these factors need to find out right away.

Overview models

On sale is a track of different manufacturers, a wide range.The most famous among us - «WNQ», «Atemi», «Kettler», «DFC», «Brumer», «Torneo» and others.Here are a couple of examples of budget treadmills:

DFC- M585

M 585 Foldable electric model with a suspension system.Weight engaged - up to 110 kg.Cloth - 1.2 × 0.42 (m).The angle is adjusted manually, the sensor is measuring the heart rate on the handle.Control parameters - distance, speed (up to 14 km / h), calories burned.Dimensions: 1.56 (d) 0.71 x (m) x 1.28 (c) "m" in the 39 kg weight.

price - 21 500 rubles.

Brumer TF-801

TF- 801 Mechanical folding track with canvas 1.03 x 0.35 (m).Model is simpler - angle adjustment function and no web programming.Speed ​​- 10 km / h, but her measured calories burned and distance traveled.Dimensions 1.15 (d) x 0,6 (w) x 1,15 (c) with a weight of 22.5 kg.

Price - 6350 rubles.

Useful tips

  • Before you go to the store, it is necessary to test themselves on the current track.This can be done in a fitness club, although it is worth considering that in reputable clubs set Treadmills Life Fitness, only units that will afford.Go to a simple "yard" club - as a rule, they found a number of different simulators, and therefore to choose the optimum model according to your taste, it will not be difficult.
  • Choosing a model for the power you need to take into account the burden, which has engaged the canvas.Therefore, this parameter e / motor is determined with a certain margin.
  • order not to overpay for those functions of the simulator, which will remain unused, should be read carefully with all of its "services".
  • If there is a need to reduce the load on the spine, knees, it should be guided by a model with cushioning system.