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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a reliable washing machine - we consider all important parameters

vashing colossus Various characteristics of washing machines, as reflected in the accompanying documentation, as well as a lengthy discourse manager (often with the use of unfamiliar terminology), whose main purpose - to sell, little about what will tell the person whose education and specifics of work more "distant" from the technicaldevices.

abundance of products from different manufacturers, which differ not only in appearance, but also opportunities, further complicates the selection of the washing machine.In this article we will look at all the relevant selection criteria, show you what to look for and what to provide, before heading to the store.

place intended location

If the buyer is the owner of a private house, this question is not so paramount.But for people living in a city apartment (especially the old plan, with tiny bathrooms), it makes a difference.It is necessary to focus on the size, since in most cases the housewives prefer to install a washing machine, so that everything was at hand - and it i

s, and bathroom, and a place to connect to the drain.

makes sense to pay attention to the model, in which the laundry is loaded through the top (vertical loading), although it is more expensive with small dimensions of the room.At the front (another type of execution) is difficult (if not impossible) to fully open the door at the maximum possible angle.For example, as is necessary when washing bulky items (curtains, tablecloths made of thick fabric, and the like).

But vertical load models has its own (albeit relative) lack.As a rule, many women, trying to make better use of a small amount of a bathroom, a washing machine is used as an extra table, placing her something needed in the household.Therefore, if you want your laundry a "bookshelf" will definitely loose.But there is a "plus" - extra laundry load during operation.

There are standard size washing machine (in "cm"): 85 - height, from 40 to 60 - and the width from 32 to 60 - the depth.

However, not all manufacturers adhere to these parameters.Therefore, if all the "rests" exactly in size, then it is useful to spend some time and look for the most acceptable option.


The apartment has one more room, which can be connected to the water supply system and drain - kitchen (how to connect to the water supply here).Now on sale there are different types of household appliances, such as built-in.Not an exception is also washing machine.Loading in such models - front.But they should be purchased in the case, if the kitchen is not just a collection of individual items of furniture, and headsets.The main thing - how to put the washing machine?It's easy to plan, when the furniture still made to order.In a ready-made kit to build the machine will be more difficult, because the need to engage in a partial alteration of its individual elements.

volumes washing

How many people live in the house - this is the second criterion of selection of the optimal model of the washing machine.Each hostess their daily routine - someone who works, who is already retired.And the occupation is different.Some are working on a daily basis, others - in a day or MMV.Therefore, every woman has their own "method of" washing - or all at once, but less often, or smaller, although more often.To as appropriate.

how - wash - clothes Furthermore, it should take into account the specifics of the family.For example, if it has a small child, sick person who requires daily care, the machine will be used more intensively, although the amount of the laundry may not seem like much (diapers, sliders, sheets do not occupy a lot of space).

Depending on this, and you need to choose a model with a capacity corresponding to the drum.For an average family (4 - 5 persons) are considered sufficient machines, if they can be downloaded immediately about 5 kg of laundry (dry).

As an option - the machine with a smaller capacity and more compact, if you place a larger model does not work in a convenient location.The only problem - the washing process is somewhat delayed, since it will have to be carried out in several stages (cycles).In addition, we must note that such devices can not work continuously throughout the day.Therefore, when planning the "homework" should take into account the time to "rest" of the unit.

Not everyone knows that the durability of the washing machine affects the load size.If you put things less under the big drum, that disturbed the alignment and machine will "hawking".Systematic "underload" causes rapid damage to the washer.


Drum washing - Mahin As a rule, experts pay attention to the tank.It can be made of "Stainless Steel" (operating time - more than 60 years) or plastic (about 25).Containers made of composite materials (polymers) are cheaper, which is reflected in the price.But from a practical point of view, does it make sense to buy a more expensive machine only due to the fact that the tank is half a century will be guaranteed protected from "failure"?

First, not the fact that other components will last the same amount.Secondly, the analysis of consumer demand for home appliances shows that even the most reliable of them (eg, refrigerators), and if they are OK, in 15 years changed to a more modern model.Those times when some thing served as master of his whole life, has already passed.

number of wash programs

In many models, their number reaches 16. But are they all necessary?Experts say that some - a kind of "repeat" is already available as a basic difference between many of them do not.It is not difficult to understand that an increase in the number of programs automatically entails the cost of growth, which benefits producers, but not the Buyer.Enough limited to 5 - 6. That would be enough for domestic use to wash things out of the most common fabrics.

considered more reliable washing machines with electronic control, although they are slightly more expensive models of "electro".


samsung Basically, it's a woman's choice - she needs such a function in the machine or not?"High-speed" model provides high-quality spin.Naturally, this figure - the presence of drying - affects the final cost (the price increase by 20 - 25%).

Speed ​​

spin Experts recommend paying attention to the car with the index in the range of 500 - 1 000 rev / min.More "high-speed" model desiccate underwear, and then iron it will be difficult.

There are still a number of points that characterize the washing machine - power, class of washing and the like.But they belong to the category of less significant indicators, which should pay attention, if you like the previous model meets all the criteria.


  • warranty period and warranty terms.Manufacturer with a serious reputation in the household appliances does not detect it in ½ or 1 year.
  • Any technical device requires periodic maintenance and repair.When choosing a particular model should be clarified whether the manufacturer of its service center in a particular locality.Where it is located, how it interacts with the "center" (directly or through a chain of intermediaries)?From this it depends on how quickly and efficiently will be provided real help in case of breakage of the machine.

The most budget washing machines Russian production include such brands as "Oka", "Vyatka", "Atlant".Import - «LG», «Ariston», «Samsung», «Indesit» and others.If you allow the material possibilities, the excellent quality but also higher-priced products are characterized by «Electrolux», «Bosch», «Siemens».


should not be guided only someone's "qualified" opinion (the more so that "experts" are more than enough) - yet the fact that it is correct.Buying a washing machine (and that long-term use of products), it is advisable to visit several retail outlets and "look", "try on".What do you consider it has already been said.It is necessary to clarify which model is more suitable for a particular house (apartment).