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August 12, 2017 18:06

As a self- replace the bearing in a washing machine

This breakdown in the washing machine is very common - we are talking about the drum bearings.If the machine during operation emits a sound like a plane on takeoff, the diagnosis of true - it is necessary to replace the bearing.Another feature - the washing machine begins to shake, she goes "into the dressing."If poshatatsya drum, it will be quite deviate from its axis.

In principle, the replacement of bearings can be made, and himself, if we have some experience in the repair of household appliances.But before you embark on this, you should be well prepared.Sometimes it happens that the unit is disassembled, parts lying around, and "Master" runs throughout the county to find the right tool.

Together with the machine, as a rule, supplied repair kit, which included bearings there.It should be prepared and a new tank gasket, since renovated it, too, will have to be replaced.

replace - bearing

Procedure for bearing replacement

  • machine is completely disconnected.From everything - electricity, water, sewage.
    Naturally, for disassembling it should be enough space;
  • removed the top panel.Screws fastening it - hexagon.(It is already clear that the cook!)
  • removed the body of the dispenser and remove the screw.3 in this place, and the front panel 1;
  • removed the bottom panel;
  • undocks drain hose;
  • now have access to the screws fixing the front panel.They unscrewed;
  • lifted the hatch.It is enough to pull the spring clamp;
  • dismantled tray detergents;
  • further removed counterweights.In most of their two models;
  • disconnected wires from the "heater".Here you need to very carefully all mark.And the best - take a picture;

bearing - in - washing

  • removed heater.Enough to unscrew nuts and a little push;
  • removed the tube between the tank and the drain pump.As a rule, merge some amount of water, so you will need a rag;
  • remove the rear panel strap (to be scrolled pulley some);
  • dismantled engine (mark the wires !!!) and the pressure take the camera;
  • remove the tank.Before that, you need to remove the springs, shock absorbers.In general, the tank is completely free;
  • to reach the bearings, it is necessary to turn the drum and to remove a pulley.Under the drum should put a wooden slats, as it is necessary to beat the pulley;
  • tank is disconnected into two halves;
  • in the rear of the tank are bearings.They are sputtered at a time. important. Care should be taken not to damage the landing nest !!!
  • after removal of all bearings thoroughly cleaned from scale;

bearing When installing new bearings can not knock at their center, only the outer rim of the cage.Moreover uniformly over the entire circumference.

seal before directing to the place necessarily lubricated.

Assembly is in the reverse order.After the halves of the tank connections (using sealant and replacement pads) must be checked for leaks (after drying sealant).


will correctly record a sequence of actions: that is removed, where and in what order.Then the assembly will be easier - in reverse order.

Different mounting models may vary slightly.Therefore, this article - only on the sequence of operations.