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August 12, 2017 18:06

Planning to buy a pressure washer ?Choose wisely - analyze all options

washing Undoubtedly, high pressure washer is useful for any homeowner, as a fairly universal in application.It is believed that such a mini-washing only used to keep clean private car.But it is not so.

With this "unit" can solve a lot of different business tasks - from maintenance "technology" (cars, bicycles, garden tools) before bathing the walls of buildings, windows, fences, paths in the area and so on.The main thing - to decide how to choose a sink, which is necessary for you.


It affects such factors as productivity (Pr) and created pressure (D).In this setting, all the washing can be divided into 3 classes:

  • start - up to 1.5 kW;Pr (L / h) - up to 360;D (bar) - within 110;
  • medium - to 2 kW;Pr - 460;D - about 130;
  • high - up to 3 kW;Pr - 600;D - up to 160.

Features Operating

This rate (often called the "Resources") - one of the "underwater" stones, on which many "stumble."Sold because many do not speak.Firstly, not all of them himself "in the subject."Secondly, not in their interest, "

deter" potential buyers.

initial class products - the cheapest, but also the possibility of their very "modest".Typically, they share no more than 100 hours, so intensive use for such models is contraindicated.They are suitable for short-term, limited (an hour and a half), use no more than 1 time per week.For example, a "slightly" to wash the car.


And effectively this sink can work only when connected to the main pipeline (under pressure).Use water from any tank does not work, and this is, perhaps, its main "negative".

midrange models give the user more options.their continuous use time has been increased, so you can operate more intensively.With this washing can be washed and 2 cars at a time, clean the area to treat dirty fence and the like.

For such washing does not matter where the water comes.But if it is taken from the reservoir, the possibility of multiple unit are reduced.

High Class Sinks significantly expand the opportunities for exploitation.If you have to wash the car every day, you need to buy just such a model.By the way, due to the pressure created they allow high quality to serve the wheel of the car, knock them all adhering dirt.But it's probably more should interest those who often have to travel on country roads.After all, it is clear that the cost of such products is quite high.

analysis of their characteristics and features shows that they are more suitable for professional (daily) use.And to buy such products is hardly suitable for home use.


Features pump

Sometimes plastic or metal (Silumin, brass).Metal - it is metal.But plastic is "afraid" of hot water, so that the individual parts "assembly" can be deformed.

Structurally plastic can be executed in a folding version and "monolithic" (single use).If the first can still try to "revive" the collapsible simply replaced.A is - more expensive repair because the average price of the pump is about 65 - 70% of the total product.It turns out that if you buy a more expensive car wash (with the pump to be repaired), then in the long term it will result in profits, offsetting initial costs.


device best option - reusable.That is, washed, I put - and no problems.Filters with replaceable cartridges are less convenient.Moreover it is not known how much they will suffice, since the durability of these elements depends on the water quality, including its stiffness.Perhaps that would have to keep buying new ones.


Simply list the most common "components" but is it really so they will need each define himself.

  • hoses, tubes, various extensions.
  • set of brushes, sponges and the like.
  • Accessories for abrasive cleaning of surfaces (eg, removal of paint residue, rust).

At the same time, be aware that replacing them of something "existing" is unlikely to succeed in the first place, because of the inconsistency "docking" sizes.


As an example, you can specify that certain models has a special tank to load detergent, while others take it from a separate container.High-pressure washers can be equipped with a device for heating water.

enough options, especially since manufacturers are constantly rolling out new "services" and keep track of all innovation opportunities just does not.

Some practical advice

Those who have already bought and managed to exploit these sinks, give the following advice based on personal experience: - 140 within 120

  • washing if the passport indicated that the pressure (in the "bar"), it must be understood so - 140 may have to be, but only if the water comes from the main (pressurized).And when its fence made out of the tank (for example, tanks, drums), the more than 120 at the output does not turn;
  • better to buy a model with a fanfare of metal.Considering the quality of water in our water supply systems, even when it is further purified by the filter is no guarantee that the "plastic" for long enough;
  • should not buy cheap cleaning.The joy of a successful purchase will be short-lived.Practice shows that the product cost less than 8000 rubles to pay attention not worth it.Although there are exceptions, when the model of the 2500 works reliably and for a long time.But this is as lucky - to guarantee "long" no life;
  • when choosing a car wash is necessary to focus primarily on its characteristics, rather than on the brand as well as the quality of similar products known manufacturers at the same level;
  • most versatile are the middle class model.They are available at a price, and are suitable for any use - whether it pomyvka personal cars or any surface (fence, building facade and so on).

The article talked only about the basic parameters that need to be considered when choosing a particular model.All necessary data are reflected in the passport for product.But what to buy for your home - one has to define itself, guided by the explanations given above.