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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is better to choose a blender - analyze all important details

About this household appliance dreams any hostess.Blender is really very convenient and saves considerable time.Basically, it replaces several other products, since, in fact, is a device of universal application.This juicer and coffee grinder, shredder and different products, and "much more he can" (for example, prepare the stuffing) - a kind of mini-processor.

assortment of such equipment is quite impressive, but the question of choosing a suitable blender models simplify, if you look, what instruments produces a modern manufacturer and what their characteristics.

Hand (immersion) blender

Filips_1000 As part have a bowl (but not all models), in which the grinding takes place.The handle is a mini-electric motor, which rotates a nozzle mounted on it.


  • convenient to cook small portions, such as a small child.
  • small size and weight, compactness.


  • Not suitable for the preparation of beverages by mixing the ingredients (cocktails).
  • Ā«Manual" control.Such models work until you press and hold the
    power button.
  • limited scope of use and on time.


blender - to - home consists of 2 parts - the actual body disposed therein with electric / engine and installed on top of the container in which the products are put.


  • more comfortable, because they do not need to keep in hand.
  • can not just knead the dough, and prick hard objects (eg, ice).


  • products more overall, so you need to find a place to install.
  • Low quality grinding.


In addition to the designated functions also have additional features.This is achieved by staffing the various accessories - vacuum pump, whisk, chopper and a number of other (depending on the manufacturer).

In fact, these models reduce to zero all the shortcomings of the previous two, while summing up of their dignity.

power ranges from 0.3 to 1.8 kW.The product is stronger, the greater the number of "operations" it is able to perform.For home use is considered sufficient power 0.5 kW.If you need a really very powerful shredder, it is better to think about the grinder.

Number of speeds

Blender - on - my - kitchen more of them extends the possibilities of use.At low power are no more than two items.In the more efficient models of 4 - 5, although there are devices with 10 - 12 speeds.Selecting the optimum mode can significantly improve the quality of being prepared "meals", especially if the focus is on the degree of mixing of components or ground product.

is necessary to pay attention to the speed control capability (modes "turbo", "Pulse", "smooth").


recommends assess its 2 parameters - material and capacity.With a capacity of clear - everyone expects the volume of the cup, assuming the purposes for which acquired a blender.With harder material - which may be glass or plastic.Which is better?Here much depends on the overall accuracy in handling things.Glass is easier to clean, but it is easy to break.Therefore considered more practical plastic bowl, although they remain scratches as a result of careless use.

is necessary to consider that the cup can not be completely filled, so from its manufacturer claims volume (300 ml - 2 liters) should be deducted approximately 100 ml.



Their number determines the range of product features.There are two types - made of plastic or metal.Recently, though more expensive, but more durable.

analysis of customer feedback shows that well established product brands such as "Bosch", "Polaris", "Tefal", "Philips".Although they are not the only ones that are believed to be reliable and easy to use.

By the way, the cost of such devices is low.For example, a decent model of the manual type will cost from 800 rubles.Although there are also more expensive items - the range is really great.

Useful tips

  • If there is a choice between several equivalent models, you should purchase one with the longer warranty period.Major manufacturers install it for household appliances and 2 and 4 years.In addition, you need to find out where appropriate a certified (authorized) service center.As a rule, the problem of repair or exchange of goods in the event of a breakdown (after diagnosis) is the basis for the Buyer.
  • should not be guided only reviews of various blenders friends.The durability of any product is not in the least dependent on the accuracy of the hosts and their compliance with the basic rules of operation and maintenance.
  • One of the main criteria for the acquisition must be appropriate buying a particular model.It is only necessary to wonder what it was for us exactly?It makes no sense to spend money on those features that, in practice, do not have to implement.