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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for installing a washing machine with his own hands

Good washing machine to buy - it is half the battle, and it must be set correctly.Today we will talk about how to install a washing machine with their own hands and look at all the details, starting with the location and finishing connection.Then it becomes clear that first of all need to focus not on the way "better" or "beautiful", and on how to make things right.


Any washing machine is in its design rotating parts.The largest rotating element - a centrifuge (or drum).Normal her work provides horizontal installation of the washing machine. This is the first condition. If the machine will have a slope in any direction, it will work in the process of washing with an overload, often very large.In such cases we say that the machine "went hawking."

Many faced with the fact that it has to be even with the power to hold hands.Consequently, the surface on which to set the washing machine must be horizontal and level.


typewriter can be put anywhere.The main thing is to be able to

connect to the water supply and to the sewage system (drain). This is the second condition for the proper site selection.Thus the length of the hose should be as small as possible.If the instructions are not specified distance from the machine to the drain pipe, it is recommended to focus on this figure - not more than 1.5 m

conditions of the third.. Even in one apartment floors are different - in this case refers to the material from which made flooring.Floors can be tiled (usually a bathroom and toilet rooms), linoleum.Floors can be made of wood (boards, parquet) and liquid - is not the point.In the place of installation the machine should be fixed and not "jump" on the floor in the moments of great stress.These "improvements" to the place of installation can lead to breakage of connecting tubes and all the water is on the floor.

fourth , an important condition.The machine installation site should be easy to use it.After all, there is a model in which the laundry is loaded from the top and from the side.So, there should be free space, making it easy to make loading and unloading things.Also, between the wall and the machine room must be a certain distance.If even will during a small gap, the machine should not fight against the wall.

Connecting machines

Naturally, before installing and connecting the machine it is necessary to get acquainted with the company's instructions, you should not rely on their knowledge.Each model has its own characteristics, which may impose some restrictions on the installation and connection.

necessary to provide for the installation of water filter to "feed" it to the machine.The quality of water in our homes is known to all.Therefore, the better the water is purified, the smaller scale will be in the machine.So, it does not have to constantly put on the repair.Furthermore, this valve should install a hose.It should be opened only for the duration of the machine, and at other times it should be blocked.This prevents leakage, as the water pipe water is constantly under pressure.

Connection as a water supply, and the drain is most often done with the help of the T-joints.Although a decision on this matter should be taken on the basis of specific conditions.Draining convenient and properly connected to the sink siphon bathroom or kitchen, depending on where the machine is.The drain hose hanging in the bath, or worse, in the sink, not only looks sloppy, but breaks all the rules of hygiene.

washing machine installation scheme setup of the washing machine

Few people in the bathroom with a power outlet.In most cases, the hostess used extensions.It must be remembered that the connection to machine "carry" should be out of the bathroom.It should be remembered that it is possible ingress of water on the extension connectors, and then - a short circuit.Therefore, the very best extender box isolated - for example, to hide in a plastic bag.