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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose the best gas hob and do not overpay for unnecessary features

Usually, choosing a gas hob, we focus not least the cost.But is it corresponds to the quality?This is one.But perhaps more appropriate to define - it is really what you want, it will be enough?It makes no sense to pay for certain features technology that is us, in principle, not necessary.

This approach is much easier to choose the most suitable model of the hob.After all, if you look at the price range, it is so vast - from 3 up to 145 thousand rubles - that choose the goods only with an eye to its cost makes no sense.


Gas cooktops are available in two versions - an independent (in the form of a separate panel) or an associate (in one case with "oven", on which are located the controls).In the latter case, the product is not much different from a gas stove, except size, allowing it to build in headsets.


The panels can be angled and performance that helps to make better use of space in rooms with small dimensions - see for yourself.


4 Vitroceramic - the most expensive model

is mainly because of this category.In addition to high prices, there are still two major drawbacks - ceramics is extremely delicate "point" blow and cracking at sharp temperature drops (eg, in contact with cold drops on a hot surface).

« Corrosion » - are polished or matt.The most practical items to care for the surface.

Enamel panel - the cheapest.Durable housing (steel), but the coating requires the observance of due care."Burnt" stains (milk, fat, etc.) is much more difficult to clean.

Aluminium alloys - these products are considered to be the most durable.

Tempered glass - perfectly clean, beautiful view, but it is quite easy to scratch.

Number of burners

1 We used to use with 4.This is quite enough for the average family.However, this option determines the size of the product.Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the convenience of the location of the product in the room (in the kitchen, in the holiday house) and use them.

cooking surfaces are usually a standard size width - 0,6 m. Narrower (45 cm) equipped with three burners 30 cm - two.

Broader products allow you to set up to 6 burners, as well as various additional elements (eg, grating).

Types of burners

considered the most effective design "Triple Crown."It provides 3 series (ring) of the flame, thus achieving uniform heating of the entire surface of the dishes.This is especially useful if it is a fairly large size, as usual burner for maximum heat we shall only the "point" of the flame.But the model with such design features less 5000 rubles are not sold.

For lovers of cooking a variety of dishes and provided us unfamiliar design: grill burner (various engineering solutions), long, oval, double-circuit, triangular, rotate and others.


are both calculated on the entire surface, and the individual (1 burner) and sectional (a few).With the latter two is much easier to care for the surface of the panel.

system control flame

Controls may be conventional rotary, recessed or sensory.Last control principle implies not only the burner, but also control the intensity of the flame (more-less).In fact - it is a kind of "bells and whistles", which only leads to more expensive products.The expediency of its highly questionable, given the experience of the use of such panels shows - electronic regulation of the flame is more "rough" (in fact, the speed) than manual.


ignition system

Happens "one" - or "two-handed".The difference is clear from the title, and the choice is determined by those who like more convenient to use the panel.

Automation and service functions

There is a sense of protection and list all the "services" that can be fitted with a hob.

  1. flame control system ( "gas-control").The function required, especially if the room is constantly drafty.Built-in thermocouple is connected to a shut-off e / m valve that closes the pipe in the event of flame failure.
  2. controls lock function.It protects the device against unauthorized tampering of others.For example, young children, inadequate people.If it is enabled, the control buttons do not respond to any manipulation with them.
  3. quick disconnect feature.
  4. display current temperature (latent heat).
  5. protection scheme from overheating.When critical for electronics temperature rises there is an automatic fan start or complete shutdown of combustion.
  6. self-monitoring system.As in many other household appliances, has on display w / a.On it displays not only the current operating parameters, and fault code, which is revealed in self-test mode.
  7. «Repodzhig".This service is provided not all panels.The idea is that the extinction of the flame ignites again made automatics.If after a second attempt, the flame does not appear, then the safety valve operates.
  8. timer.
  9. Electronic clock.

pick - a - cooking - panel


  • makes no sense to focus on any one manufacturer.All models are good in their own way.Suffice it to point out the most sold brands - «Kuppersberg», «Siemens», «Whirlpool» and others.And on that note, it is already clear.
  • to the average for the number of family members rather panel 4 burners.
  • When selecting a model it is necessary to focus primarily on the opportunity to stay in a particular room and the presence of the minimum required functions.The main criteria - ease of operation for the hostess and security.

Useful tips

  • Practice shows that the simpler the device any instrument, the less often it crashes.
  • If you decide to buy the model of "dependent" type, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of components (panels and oven), even from the same manufacturer.By the way, the typical size of an enclosure for the built-in appliances can be viewed here.

And another little reflection.Almost every day there are a variety of new items, so that the dignity of painted advertising that I want in this minute to go and buy.There is one thing in this case.Once there is no experience of the practical application, hence there can be no statistics.For example, the number of operating hours before the first failure at the most "weak" structural elements.It is also impossible to forget, if Seller is actively recommends a model that just went on sale.