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August 12, 2017 18:06

Features of operation of the air conditioner without outdoor air

mobile konditsioneri01 Given the "surprises" that we all increasingly presents the weather in the summer, the need to purchase appliances for cooling air in the room has little doubt.The range of large, prices are over a wide range, so it remains only to decide which model to choose.

In many cases, it is advisable to pay attention to the floor without air conditioning, which is also called "water."Consider the main features and benefits of the HVAC equipment.

To better understand the characteristics of these devices, you need to understand the principle of their operation.Unlike conventional models, these appliances are not made "pumping" of air through the tube with its cooling and returning to the room accompanied by the condensation of water and the need for removal of the formed water.

integral part of the air conditioning duct without a special container, in which the evaporation of water during the passage of warm air masses through the wetted filter.According to the laws of physics, this process causes decrease o

f temperature, which goes back into the room.Depending on the model, it can go up to 7 C °.

The attractive air conditioning without air?

No restrictions on placing

scheme Installation usual, stationary split-systems can not be made anywhere in the room, because quite often there are certain contradictions between the choice of a convenient location and the possibility of installation.

First , these air conditioners have the pipe connection (for the exhaust air, condensate) that appear on the street.Consequently, devices must be installed as close as possible to the outer wall of the room.

Second , the efficiency of stationary devices depends on the height of their location.

Third , installation of air conditioners of stationary type should be possible (and convenience) of their maintenance.

Simplified installation

As already mentioned, the routing is not carried out.It is therefore necessary to provide only connection "water" air conditioner for industrial e / network (socket) and installation on a flat surface.


absence of air, light weight (12 kg), the availability of the wheels at the bottom of the body make it easy to move without air conditioners are out of the room into the room and put it where it is more convenient for the user.There is a special pen, which facilitates portability of the product.

Such devices can take with you on the "exit", for example, to cool the air in a country house, as in size they are suitable for placing in the car trunk.If held any seasonal work in the field, they will also provide an acceptable microclimate in temporary (mobile) buildings.

Once working - conditioner - Napoli -foot - 6 - type


This is another significant "plus" of air conditioners.


pumps installed in these devices are so thin that the energy consumption compared with a conventional electric / light bulb filament.Even in very "solid" models - no more than 1000 watts.

We should also take into account the minimum maintenance.Repair work on models of stationary type are conducted by experts as to perform the full range of activities efficiently, in full, will not work, though, because you need to have not only the experience, but also an appropriate tool (accessory).A master service price starts from 1200 rubles for a visit, and the service is recommended to carry out at least 1 time in half a year (before and after the end of the season).

As an additional "plus" of these devices, you can note the presence in mobile air conditioners air cleaning filter, several improved indoor climate.

Low cost

Comparing fixed and mobile devices with the same power, the latter - cheaper.Range of prices for the most popular models - ranging from 6 to 30 thousand rubles.


Features Operating

  • These products are not recommended for placement in rooms with excessive humidity or where there is no ventilation (natural or forced).
  • need to systematically monitor the presence and volume of water in the container (the indicator).The regularity of its completion is determined by the specifics of the premises (area, climate, decoration materials).
  • The higher the temperature in the room, the more effective running "water" air conditioner.

Still, it should be noted that such a device is unable to ensure a uniform temperature drop in the whole house (power does not exceed 4 kW).Consequently, the cooling - "local", so for larger rooms (over 25 m²) use is inappropriate, unless for a specific job (or rest areas).For very rapid temperature changes in the room inverter air conditioners are ideal, but that's another story.

not for advertising, but as an example is a description of a pair of models, as the range of outdoor air conditioning is so great that just enumerate all makes no sense.


Model «SL-1475."It is advisable to use in rooms up to 20 m².With a weight of 6.1 kg has dimensions of 73.5 x 37 x 32 cm, so a lot of places do not take.It can work both in cooling and heating.As the service has air ionizer.The device is quite simple, but it copes with its functions well, and the price - only 5 500 rubles.



Model «AC TIM 5H P3».Power cooling / heating - 1.5 kW.Qualitatively "handles" the room up to 15 m².When the drying efficiency of the room up to 70 l / day.There are 2 air filter (reusable, washable).Dimensions - 52.6 x 30 x 62.4 cm Price -. 9895 rubles.

Practical advice

purchasing desired device, you need to ask not only the warranty period, but in practice it will be implemented.In order not to happen so that in case of its failure would have to carry their own air conditioning service center, and even in another location.