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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rules for the choice of good - electric dehydrator for drying fruits and vegetables - all characteristics

average citizen is unlikely to make an electric dryer for vegetables and fruits with a list of major household appliances.Another thing avid gardeners, mushroom pickers and suburban residents.They help keep the dryer in the winter, tens of kilograms of the crop without loss of useful properties and huge electricity costs.How to select a dehydrator that he served for many years, and the preparation of inventories does not take much time and effort?

infrared or convection?

By the principle of ope

ration of the dryer divided into convection and infrared.The basis of the convection heating element is a fan which moves the warmer air inside the hull.This is the most common option.Most models are equipped with trays 3-5, but there are sets with 10-15 and even 30. A significant drawback of convection device - high noise levels.

Infrared dehydrators, dryers are more expensive.Their use is possible to maximize the preserve vitamins and flavor of foods.They work totally silent, since the principle of operation is based on the fact that infrared waves penetrate a few millimeters deep into the fetus and it is heated (like the sun).

For once a model home can be recycled 3-4 kg of fruit or vegetables, one limitation - they must not be thicker than recommended by the manufacturer.Prunes or whole mushrooms in such a machine is not dry.The most compact option - Infrared mat, which can be dried greens or herbs.


size, capacity and shape

Seasoned gardeners argue that too much is never dryers.Domestic "Airs" capable at once to dry a few buckets of apples.This is the best, in terms of saving time and electricity, an option if you have a large garden.However, installing this unit better on the porch or in the back room, as it hums and strongly take up much space.

for use in the apartment more suited household model.They differ in shape and capacity.Most of all common 2 options:

  • dryers with round (at least - oval), sieves, which are installed one above the other on the heating element,
  • dryers in the form of a cabinet in which the trays are mounted in horizontal runners.

Martha are the advantages of both models.Round take up little space, much like a medium-sized saucepan, but the sieve in the drying process should be changed from time to time in some places.Rectangular require repose, but the trays may need to turn to fruits at different ends to dry evenly.These models have a large size, but they can be are supplemented with additional trays to 5, being part of.All infrared models are just as lockers.

necessary power to define is simple: if you have a large garden or garden, you need a model power of 1000W, if you just dry a few apples from the supermarket - just a miniature device to 250W.Most mid-range models have a capacity of 700-800 watts, which is sufficient for drying fruits and vegetables.High-power models can come in handy for those who want to dry fish and meat.

Useful additions The easiest dryers is only one switch "on / off".It's not very convenient, because different fruits and vegetables require different temperature regimes (in this case they retain more nutrients and a beautiful view).It is better if the dryer temperature is 2-3 embodiment, at least 40, and 70-75 degrees.At lower temperatures the dried herbs, sweet berries, fruits podvyalivayut, high - most dried fruits and vegetables, make candy.The more advanced models of the heating can be controlled to within a degree with the help of e-governance.

Another useful feature - automatic shutdown.Drying often stretch for a day or more.By setting off the time, you can go to work or go to bed without fear that the fruits dry out and become too rigid.

dryers - for - fruits - and - vegetables

Ability to disable convection useful in the final stages of drying berries, when you want them to help retain moisture.Special trays without holes - a great addition that allows you to make your own candy or marmalade.

It is worth noting that due to the growing popularity, dehydrators, dryers for fruits and vegetables were the majority of manufacturers of household appliances.However, adherents of a healthy diet and avid gardeners with special love are models Izidri companies, particularly spacious and comfortable.The cheapest - domestic "Summer Folk", and reliable - "Tropical" in a metal case.

Choose dryer and enjoy the tasty and healthy treats, which are guaranteed there will be no dyes or preservatives.