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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a water heater of indirect heating - characteristics , pros and cons

With the construction of residential buildings are mounted various utilities needed to create a comfortable environment.Their design concept, functional features depend largely on the financial possibilities and the owners preferences.But among the diversity of these systems is such that developing are mandatory.

One of them - the water supply.Clearly, what is required is not only cold water, but hot for household use.If it is impossible for the central highway connecting users install the stand-alone units.One type of such devices, providing hot water are boilers.By the principle of action, they are divided into water heaters direct and indirect heating.Here at last and stop.

From the name itself it is clear that the design of the heating "element" is not provided.Heating water in the vessel is carried out by heat exchange.It occurs between it and the fluid whose temperature has been increased by a heat generator.It circulates in the internal circuit of the boiler, giving thermal energy to the

water, in the tank, thereby heating it.

water heater , an indirect - heating

boiler Advantages of indirect heating

It is a good alternative to heating boilers with 2 circuits.Moreover, some indicators boilers with indirect heating in conjunction with single-circuit heat generator even more convenient.

If the analysis of hot water is produced from several taps (for example, in the kitchen and in the bathroom), the system pressure starts to drop.This leads to "jump" changes in temperature and mode of operation of the boiler, which is not the best way affects its durability.A boiler provides several points simultaneously parsing water at its constant temperature.

Possibility of uninterrupted supply of hot water at any time, without frequent switching of the boiler (in summer), as essentially a boiler - not that other, as a large thermos.Such a device is particularly useful if there are problems in the energy supply, shortages of supply of cold water.

Connecting recirculation system provides additional comfort of use.

In some cases, this option is more economical hot water.In rural areas, where there is rarely centralized hot water supply.With gasification situation is not much better.And given the electricity tariffs, the use of electric water heaters - it is more expensive.Boilers for solid fuels constantly kindle in summer (DHW) makes no sense, periodically include electric - unprofitable.



connecting the boiler of indirect heating to the heating system, we must understand that it will provide hot water only during the heating season.Consequently, at other times of the year will have to periodically include the boiler.The use of other sources of thermal energy due to the difficulties and costs.For example, installation of the heat pump, solar collector.But in some cases, a change of the hot water supply to "supply" rather convenient.

device inertia.For boilers with a large capacity of water will require considerable time to its heating.

In size it surpasses instantaneous water heaters (geysers), so installation requires more space.


Key Features

  • tank capacity.
  • mounting method and position - on the floor or wall;vertical or horizontal installation.
  • maximum values ​​of the parameters: the heating temperature, the pressure in the "string" supply and DHW.
  • power (heat exchanger).
  • water heating time to maximum temperature.
  • presence of security elements (thermostat, pressure relief valve).
  • dimensions.

depending on the manufacturer and specific model may be other characteristics, some of which are explained below.


What to consider when buying

expediency of acquisition.Suitable indirect heating boiler, when hot water consumption is quite substantial in the building - 1.5 l / min.This happens usually, if a family of 4 or more persons.Furthermore, it makes no sense to connect it to an electrical heating boiler, as they power consumption in general will grow significantly, considering the time of the heating capacity.

What is the volume unit is suitable for connection to the boiler installed in the house?This largely depends on its capacity."Pull" whether it is both the heating system and the boiler in the event of switching to heating?

KV17 is necessary to pay attention to the design of the boiler.If the inner loop is configured as a coil, it is fixed as the last?Indeed, it is clear that during the operation on its inner walls salt deposits occur, and it should be periodically serviced.In devices that are sold at a low price, this tube is usually "tightly" is welded to the housing.Consequently, it will be impossible to remove.It is better to purchase removable coil.

How many of them in the construction of the device?If 2, it makes it possible to connect the boiler to two independent sources of hot water (for example, the heating system + solar collector), which creates additional convenience in use.

coil material.It is better if it is brass or silver coated.

The material used in the manufacture of containers.There are models in which the heat exchanger consists of two tanks (one another), in the space between the walls served in which circulates heated water boiler.Considered more durable devices, in which the inner tank - stainless steel.

If it is from a different material, which consists of internal protective coating?The most reliable is made of titanium plated.But the cost of such products is relatively high.For cheaper models use "protection", for example, glass porcelain.Even cheaper if used enamel, glass.But the life of such a small tank - over time, the protective layer is covered with cracks, and to do the replacement.By the way, if it is possible in this model?

is important, and what material is used as a thermal insulation layer.If foam, it is better not to buy.Qualitative considered insulation made of polyurethane.

method of corrosion protection.It may be an anode or a cathode.A more common model with a built-in magnesium anode, which change as "production";it depends on the chemical composition of the water and the operation rate of the device.

presence of other elements of the defense system - a safety valve and thermostat.

more profitable vehicles, where instead of anodes mounted devices that perform the same function.They do not change, but only work when filing an industrial strain.Consequently, these boilers are somewhat volatile.

Is there a connection of the recycling system?There should be an appropriate outlet.

Is the heater?In some models, (combined) it is, the device that provides autonomy.

diameter coil tube.The thicker it is, the heat exchange process will be faster.At the same time you will need a large heat capacity of the generator, as the water to "feed" will quickly cool.This should be considered depending on to what source of hot fluid is supposed to connect the boiler.

installation place.Boilers can be mounted on a wall or on the floor.

warranty period.The presence in the place of residence of service organizations that have accreditation for the repair of vehicles of the manufacturer.The ability to purchase component parts, such as a magnesium anode.