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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a reliable video intercom to the apartment - the necessary functions

More recently peephole was the only tool that allows to find out who is behind the door.The viewing angle was small, cloudy piece of glass, and the picture is distorted.Today, eyes everywhere replaced by video intercoms.What characteristics should be considered when choosing this extremely useful and important device?

connection type

Intercom in your apartment can be connected with road access or operate autonomously.If you want to see happening in the access door to contact the service organization (its coordinates are specified usually far away from the device), and to specify what models are compatible with the collective system.Access intercoms are divided into:

  • coordinate (Vizit, Cyfral, Metakom) and
  • digital (Marshal, Keyman).

type apartment video door should match the access system.This condition can be ignored, if you need an overview of a picture in front of the entrance door.Also, apartment intercom system can be connected to the driveway using a coupling module.This little device w

ill allow to receive the image from the access door and open it using the button on the monitor.


Today almost all manufacturers of security equipment and access systems offer apartment intercoms.Fault-tolerant models are renowned Korean manufacturers Commax (and the Chinese version of the budget - Quantum), Kocom, Kenwei.They have long been present in the market and adapted to Russian conditions.



Apartment intercoms are equipped with several varieties of cameras.Pinhole - one of the most popular options.Its diameter of only a few millimeters, and it is perfectly camouflaged on the entrance panel or in the wall nearby.Another way to hide the camera - set videoglazok, which we reviewed recently.Outside, it is indistinguishable from the normal eye, but actually transmits the image to the monitor.The quality of the incoming picture is much higher than that of the micro-diameter chambers.

Additional camera

Sometimes it is necessary to control not only the front door, and a few areas, such as tambour door entryway.A second camera can be sent to the front door, placing it in an inconspicuous place or mounted on the wall.In this case, preference is given to the models, to which you can connect multiple cameras and door stations.



picture from the camera is fed to a monitor in PAL format.The apartment video intercom use monitors with a diagonal of 3.5-10 inches in most cases enough 7.However, if you plan to install multiple cameras, the monitor and need more to him at the same time it was possible to display images from all sources.Monitors are designed for use in homes, can receive signals from 2 or 4 cameras simultaneously.The larger the display, the higher the cost of the device.

monitor can be black and white or color.Prices on devices with color displays have dropped significantly in recent years, so you should choose such models.


Useful functions

On sale there are 2 types of apartment intercoms - with a tube and speaker.The choice depends on personal preference, but we must note that without the tube model is more compact.In some models, luxury has additional cordless handsets with a small screen and a control panel, which is particularly useful in large-area apartments.

Some intercoms have a special output for connecting to a TV.This is a great option if an entrance is far.


video Almost all new models are equipped with built-in non-volatile memory, which can store 128 frames.The camera captures the picture space by the door when you press the call button or the owner's request.Any action that takes place on the landing, you can shoot without attracting attention.

Those who frequently and for long periods is not available, you should choose video phone with more memory, the ability to shoot short videos and program the frequency and time of recording.Such devices typically support additional memory cards, so you can view the results of the shooting of the TV or computer.


  • Most problems when using the video door entry associated with improper installation.To avoid them, refer to the installers seller company or organization, serving entrances intercom.
  • distance between entrance panel with camera and monitor must be greater than 1 m, otherwise there may be noise and hum.
  • If you often miss the house, look for models that can send notices and pictures on your phone or on the internet.

The price of an average apartment video door model is around 4-5 thousand. Rubles.Agree, not too high a price for peace of mind.