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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rules for the choice of good grinder for home

Currently, the selection of a household unit, as an electric meat grinder is quite difficult in the sense that manufacturers supply to the market a wide variety of models.How to understand all this and to choose a house that is completely satisfied with you and your family and will have extra functions for which will have to pay more?To do this, you need to clearly understand what is in the "practice" refers to certain figures in the documentation of the unit.

Primarily any hostess when choosing grinder wondering how effective it will be to process the raw meat.Therefore, we must rely on its power.It is the defining figure for this type of household appliance.The power is greater, the higher the performance.However, you should understand the difference between the maximum and nominal power.


If you hit the bone, the screw temporarily stops the knife grinder, trying to grind it.However, in this mode (maximum power) unit can only be operated a very short time (on average - 1 to m).Its limit in diffe

rent models ranging from 1 to 2 kW.But it is not an indication of product availability.Therefore it is necessary to clarify, so what still capacity available in the documentation: maximum or rated?

It determines the nominal performance, reflecting the "effort", which processes the meat grinder.It may be in the range of 350 to 1500 watts.This grinder is able to process up to 1 m from 1000 to 2500 g of "raw material".However, we must bear in mind that with the power of "growing" and energy consumption.

Additional features grinder

All other characteristics of an electric meat give an idea of ​​"service", which offers the manufacturer.Consider additional features of these products.

pick - grinder - 1

Reverse - This function is very useful when processing stringy pieces of meat.Everyone knows how much work and time required cleaning auger and knife from the wound they lived.However, if there are "auto reverse" button, then enough to stop the grinder, press the button and the auger will "give" reverse.Please pull out the tangled strands without dismantling the entire grinder.It saves time and nerves.

very useful overload protection.We must not forget that the motor is an electric grinder.And these engines of continuous operation under overload conditions can easily be damaged.We just need to ask, what kind of protection is provided in this model.Preferably an electric motor lock (on the basis of bimetallic plates).

When selecting a particular liked model, you need to find out what items are included in the package, as well as with the quality of the individual parts, especially knives.The best is the knife, having the form of a stainless steel forged sickle.All accessories - at the discretion of the hostess.This category includes a variety of wheels, tools, molds.You can ask, if necessary, about the possibility of buying some accessories separately.

Excellent proven grinder Bosch MFW67600 and Philips HR 2728/40 - acquiring these models, you can be sure that the money is well spent and the chopper will operate for many years without repair.

should not forget how to store meat grinder.After all, I use it every day.Hence, its dimensions also play a role.It is also important, from which the legs are made and how they are regulated.On this depends the stability of the unit during operation.And one more important detail - from which the meat grinder housing is made?It is clear that it must be stainless steel and steel.At this should pay close attention.

For dessert - a video from a professional, exclusively dedicated electric meat grinder , their quality and disadvantages.