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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heart of the water supply system - choose a submersible pump for well

various models of submersible pumps are widely used in the organization of the water supply system, when the water source is a well.Therefore, their design, technical design and materials for the manufacture of special requirements.

submersible pumps have cylindrical shape of the body, and they have a great performance.In this way they favorably to the pump surface.For the production of water-resistant materials are used only for submerged pumps, and the housing is securely sealed.These pumps should be used at depths of more than 8 - 10 m is necessary to consider that if the pump is placed closer to the bottom, it will suck in a sand and silt..Another condition - the water level in the well must not be reduced significantly.Otherwise, the pump will start to work, "wear", no-load, in the "dry" mode.And it is - a guarantee of a quick failure.

Submersible pump -1

By design, the pumps are divided into several types.For wells suitable model centrifugal well pumps.However, when choosing a pump should be considered

such "raw" data: the daily water requirement for all members of the family and household needs.This calculation assumes that all valves are open at the same time the draw (water used by all family members and at the same time is watering the infield).This will eliminate the possibility of water shortage at its maximum consumption.

When choosing a submersible pump is usually oriented on such "standards┬╗:

  • consumption of about 5 liters of water per day for each square.meter plot;
  • daily water consumption of a family of three people - within 500 liters;
  • well from the house Distance (water pipeline);
  • Difference in height (drop it) between the house and the well (if it exists).

Among the many specifications in the first place should pay attention to its performance and created pressure.Performance is determined by the daily water demand, as has already been said.For heads to be elaborate.

value are two indicators - the length of the pipeline, as well as the difference in the heights of the pump dive sites and the highest point of the draw (for example, cranes on the second floor of the building).It is believed that on the 1 meter length of the aqueduct "lost" 1 m head.For high-quality water supply is necessary to increase the performance of all the characteristics of the pump.

Submersible pump 2

formula for calculating the capacity of the pump

simplified formula for calculating head looks: H = Hp + (0.2 x of L) + 15

  • H - required head (in meters);
  • Hp - height difference between the upper and lower points of the system;
  • L - the length of the aqueduct;
  • 15 - the recommended amendment ( "stock").

consider the following when installing the system.Each owner decides which of pipes and fittings to assemble the entire system of water mains.However, it should be borne in mind that the pipe wall must withstand the pressure of water, which pump will be created.Therefore, we recommend that you choose the right model of the pump, and after that, focusing on its characteristics, and determined with all the other elements of the water supply.