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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choose the kitchen electric hob

electrical - cooking - surface - 2 Currently, manufacturers offer so many electric hobs (they are called hobs), which list all simply does not make sense.By the way, the range of these appliances is much broader than similar gas.Their main advantage is that there is no need to use a gasification "space."It is clear that, for example, in a country house gas "pull" virtually no one will.

All models differ in cost and appearance, and size, and power, and a lot of little things.Plus, a variety of extra features on the "all occasions" - or almost all.To correctly determine the choice, you need a little bit familiar with those from which they are made and how they work, these "surface".

Cookware is placed on the burner, which is the operating panel area.Therefore all different hobs their number (1 - 2 to 5 - 6) and the structure.The surface of the burner can be either metal or ceramic.

Types and Features cooktops

Inside a metal hotplate is heating element in the form of a spiral.Many still remember the old-style electric stove, w

here such a spiral lying openly.Panels with such "heaters" are cheap, as they have the disadvantage of a relatively long warm-up (up to 1 - 1.5 m).By the way, they cool down too long.Although the appearance they are very attractive to all tastes.

electrical - cooking - surface - 3

Burners of glass ceramics have a different structure - it is related to the use as a heating element razlichnyhmaterialov and devices.For example spiral which after about 10 - 12 seconds, heated to the desired temperature.The halogen along with the usual spiral is a halogen lamp, which also emits heat.Heaters belt type more efficiently.There are also options for induction burners, but cooking them requires special utensils with magnetizable bottom.There are also combined, but they are rarely available, usually on special order, and the value of their corresponding.

on what to look out

various forms can be at the burners, but it does not mean that one form is better than another.We need to look for some dishes, such a suitable burner (meaning the size of dishes).And in the power of the form has no effect.According to the power panel are divided into 3 types: small, medium, and high.But we should not forget that the greater the hob works and what it is more powerful, the more naturally, "winds" counter.

When selecting a model to be inquired about the availability of additional functions.Manufacturers are trying in this regard to outdo each other, but there are "core" functions, which is desirable "to have" in the chosen product.This "emergency shutdown" and timer with audible indication.Control panels can be different.Or, switches and buttons (mechanical control) or sensors.It's much more convenient, but the price is somewhat higher.

electrical - cooking - surface - 1

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the panels with glass-ceramic is still preferable.And all the rest is at the discretion of the "buyer".Given that the spread on the electric hobs price is quite large, each able to pick out the model and the taste and means.

But you need to know!Vitroceramic afraid of acupressure.Therefore it is necessary to comply with the orderly operation of the hob.