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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rules for the choice of electric lawnmowers , which is suitable for your site

grass in the garden (suburban) area - is not only a great view of your beautiful lawn and a place to have a picnic.Sometimes it is growing not where you need the grass becomes a "headache" of any landowner, and there's no getting around it.It is not only weeds that hinder the beds.Grass growing on lawns, and pleases the eye, and a positive effect on mikroklimat.Vot only maintain their land in good condition and requires time and effort.To facilitate the work of a man for grass care, invented a mechanism such as a lawn mower.

Types lawnmowers

«family» of these units are divided into three types.Lawn mowers are mechanical, gasoline and electric.Staying focused on the description of the first two, will focus on electric lawnmowers and find out what they are.Only then can you decide which of the electric models is the best fit for the processing of our site.

the choice of the electric lawn mowers 1

advantages and features of the electric lawn mower

If the site is relatively small, it is best to fit the electric lawn mower.Although she i

s the restriction on the movement (mower runs on industrial network, and connect it to the "line" supply).However, it compares favorably with petrol models: virtually silent operation, environmental friendliness and low weight.Plus, you need not worry about the fuel (petrol, oil).

These mowers are self-propelled and self-propelled.When using a self-propelled model only need to choose the direction of movement, and the rest of the work is done by machine.These mowers have either front-wheel drive or rear.Naturally, the first is much easier to manage because of their good maneuverability, and in areas with a roughness they are more effective.

mowers with rear wheel drive is best suited for the flat ground.Self-propelled models have a special device - the grass-catcher.Therefore, after the processing of the territory of "self-propelled" there is no need to re-take the entire area, collecting grass.This saves time and effort.

the choice of the electric lawn mowers 2

Most lawn mowers are manufactured and such a function as mulching.Using a special knife cut grass thoroughly crushed and thrown out.This herbal "dust" settles on the soil and become a good fertilizer for the land.At the same time it protects the topsoil from drying, which makes it possible to pour lot less.However, we must note that mulching can not do enough when mowing tall grass.Therefore work with such a unit should be systematically and regularly, not allowing a large grass growth.

There are models that do not collect grass in the bunker, but just throw it back onto the lawn.There are units with side discharge.They are suitable for areas where the owners do not collect grass clippings.You can remove the grass catcher during operation.It also allows you to not fill it with dirty, wet grass.

self-propelled lawn mowers or transferred to the hands, or pushed in front of him as an ordinary truck.Hand-held models have another name - trimmer.They work well in those places where it is not "gets" the machine.They are perfect for small or suburban gardens.This mower can mow the grass around trees, under bushes, along the fence.


mowers come in different capacities.The "weak" models is in the range of 250 to 500 watts.But can operate without a break is not more than 15 - 20 minutes.Since its engine is located at the bottom of the grass mowing only dry.At mowers with the "top" position of the motor can reach its capacity of 1.3 kW.Therefore, such a device can even mow and young shoots of bushes and branches of trees.Such models are recommended for purchase.Firstly, they are more powerful, and secondly, slabomoschnye usually China.I think that further explanation is not required.

Wheel feeble several powerful models (from 900 to 1500 W) with a mowing strip up to 0.4 m. Experts advise using them on areas up to 500 m2.More powerful versions (up to 2 kW) have a width of cutting up to half.The amount of grass catcher - up to 60 liters.If it is removed, the grass will be laid on the ground.

the choice of the electric lawn mowers 3

When choosing a lawn mower is also necessary to pay attention to:

  • height of mowing grass and the possibility of adjustment;
  • material from which made the deck;
  • presence of autonomous operation mode (the battery) and its duration;
  • whether there is a position adjustment knobs (a specific person);
  • of what made the knife (metal or plastic);
  • the possibility of replacing the cutting head.