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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing a house of chopped logs - price projects , on what can be saved

This man must first build a home - says the proverb.But today's reality is that most home buying almost finished form.Often, future tenants are forced to choose between an empty plot and the house, which was built without taking into account their wishes.The best option, saving time and money - buy the land and ordered the construction of the house, which will suit you in all respects, to the specialized companies.

mastered - timber - 12

house of chopped logs - the traditional solution for Russia and most countries with harsh climates.Residence, built by all the rules, will stand for more than 100 years, and its inhabitants will always be warm and comfortable.In terms of amenities, modern log cabins equivalent a city apartment, a house for the price of logs is much benefit in a similar area in Moscow or St. Petersburg.Log houses look great on their own, and on the exterior finish can be saved, as well as for heating.

Construction company specializing in the construction of houses made of logs, promise that the work w

ill be fully completed within 4 months after signing the contract.As a rule, it is intended to house the production of a contractor for the site approved project, then its assembly at the customer's site.If it is planned to build directly on the site, it must be provided with water, electricity, and after completion of the work will have to take care of the removal of a large amount of wood chips and sawdust.


Most contractors are located in the regions - Vladimir, Kostroma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Republic of Karelia, where the wood is harvested and processed wood.The ground on which are made at home, located in the same place, so that buyers in Moscow and St. Petersburg prices will be approximately equal.

exceptions are firms that are directly located in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg, thanks to savings in the delivery of house prices will be lower by 5-7%.

home cost depends on:

  1. its area,
  2. type of materials used in construction,
  3. type of logging (Russian, Canadian, Norwegian cup),
  4. complexity of the project.

logs house are processed manually and carefully pass the control to the possibility of the appearance of cracks, rot and deformation.Most of the work is done manually.

cost per square meter set pine logs for the walls begins with 8 thousand. Rub.diameter of 220 mm and comes to 13 thousand. rub.of the diameter of 300-460 mm.In cedar and larch prices are higher - 15 and 20 thousand rubles... Per square meter of the wall of logs diameter of 30 cm

ruble - house

House turnkey offers different categories - from economy options to luxury cottages.A small one-storey log cabin of logs with a diameter of 200 mm area of ​​just over 100 square meters with two bedrooms, living room, spacious kitchen and several utility rooms will cost 750-900 thousand. Rub.depending on the design and the number of floors, excluding roofing and foundation casting.The price of almost all contractors, includes installation of floor and ceiling beams, roof system training.

small house of about 30 square meters.m for a single person or a couple with one room and a kitchen will cost about 300 thousand., on the same terms as the previous version.

Country house for comfortable living large family area of ​​200 square meters.m with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, boiler room and terraces at a price close to 2 million.For atypical project will have to pay extra.

Save as possible, hitting the stocks that many construction companies organize several times a year.Also, there are often discounts the winter, when the price of a house is reduced by a few percent.You can podgadat way to place an order in the winter, and build the house on a plot to carry out after the snow melts.Replacing the inner walls of the timber to less capital structure, we can save about 20% of the value of the house.

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checkout process and counting the cost of the house, it is necessary to specify, whether included in the total amount of pouring the foundation, roof, and installation of communication equipment, how much is the very design documents whether the contractor to apply sanctions in case of delay the timing.You must also ask the construction company guarantees, the possibility and the cost of maintenance, as well as watch a couple of real-world objects.