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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install a split system air conditioner with your own hands and save money

It is summer, and even our not particularly affectionate Northwest climate happy sunny days and hot weather.If the cold we are well protected heating systems, the heat from the infrequent saving air conditioner which is easy to install their own hands, even without special skills.However, it should take into account several factors, of which I will try to tell you in detail.

Firstly, ¬ęseller" is not responsible for damage to the "goods" if the work on the installation and commissioning work was not carried out by a specialized organization that has the appropriate certificate.Although experience shows that not all the experts do their work conscientiously for our money.

Secondly, before proceeding with installation, you need to figure out what it consists of split-system and how it works.Even if it is decided to turn to professionals, competent control of the progress of the work force them to do everything on the conscience.

Thirdly, need a special tool, which will need to be prepared in adv

ance.His list is extensive, and each host it is.

Therefore, it may be advisable to do so: the main part of the work to do it yourself, and the direct connection of the system and its start-up by a specialist.And inexpensive cost, and the guarantee will continue.

himself can be strengthened blocks, "outline" the track, prepare all the electrical part.And the main thing - to break a hole in the wall to display the track "on the street" because it is the most difficult part of the entire work, which is the lion's share of money spent on connecting the unit.The skilled will only connect to the blocks of copper pipes and pump gas.

Design and installation of air conditioning split system

split-system consists of indoor and outdoor units, which interconnected pipes and cables.The documentation on the air conditioner specified maximum distance between the units, so it is necessary to consider when choosing a location.Let's start with the track - it can be "drowned" in the wall (proshtrobit channel) or lay in plastic boxes.It all depends on what material the walls are made.The second option you need to buy a box (cable channels).It is necessary to examine the blocks, how hard components are mounted, everything ready, including drills, drills required diameters.

set - conditioner - 3

Wall "passes" with the help of punch and drill, and it is best to have two drill.The diameter of the holes for the route must be at least 5 cm, and go directly to the wall in such a drill would be difficult.First you need to drill a hole in the wall of the smaller diameter drill, and then "modify" for 5 centimeter.It should be borne in mind that the drilling is necessary with a slight slope down.This is necessary to ensure that the condensate flows freely through the pipe, laid in the track.Boxes should also be secured with a bias toward the window.

Then fasten the air conditioner units.The first installation of the outdoor unit is performed.It is installed outside the window (bottom or side).We need to fix it at a distance from the window to make it convenient to maintain during operation.If you have a balcony, it simplifies the task.This block is placed on the brackets that you can buy and cook yourself (from the metal bracket) on the block size.Attaching the brackets to the wall of the house should be "superreliable" that he could not break away and fall.

necessary to control the level of the block using horizontal installation should not be distortions, slopes.Mounting brackets to the unit must be done with powerful bolts.It is advisable to think about how to protect the unit from falling on him rainfall.Convenient solution - install canopy over the unit.

install - conditioning 2

Thereafter, the indoor unit mounted in the room on the wall.It is necessary to take into account the distance from the walls, the ceiling, where it should be located.These numbers are printed in the passport system.The block must hang horizontally to all condensate left in the tube, or drops on the floor can not be avoided.The bundle includes a special mounting bracket.It is fastened to the wall, and on it hung the block itself.Electrical connections to make the best of a separate circuit breaker (if possible).The main thing - do not confuse the terminals when connecting indoor and outdoor units.For these purposes it is better to use a cable with colorful wires.

So you practically have installed air conditioning in the apartment with his hands, and it remains only to call a specialist to connect.You have preserved and guaranteed to expensive home appliances and saved most of the money to spend on the installation.

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