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August 12, 2017 18:06

Install the hood in the kitchen - step by step instructions with video

Kitchen - is not just a place where you can eat or sit with a friend over a glass of "tea".It is also a place where the urgent prepare our food, and doing it mostly hostess.Each kitchen is provided natural draft - it is laid at the design stage of a house.But any hostess would say that such a hood does not provide a complete "clean" cuisine from steam, soot, fumes.That is why forced hood is essential for the creation of comfort in the kitchen.

manufacturers offer different models of exhaust devices.The problem they have one - purification of air in the kitchen, but the principle of operation - different.Flat hoods do not need to join the general ventilation system, since it is engaged in cleaning the air and return it back.In other words, they filtered the air, freeing it from dirt, soot, odors.Hoods cone type suck air from the kitchen and take him through the knee or attached one-piece fitting in a ventilation shaft at home and do not return back into the room.

As a kind of hood, the hood has a bui

lt-in, flat body which is mounted above the stove, and all the connections are hidden in cabinets.There are models that combine the first two functions - to do so they have a special switch.

set - hood - to - kitchen - 1

Consider the example of drawing installation with air output to vent the house.First of all you need to buy the hood, at the same time making the right choice.It is necessary to measure the dimensions of your kitchen stove, as the plates from different manufacturers and different sizes.Hood must be of a size not less than the plate, but better - even if a little more, or all of the soot, fumes, and will fall to the ceiling.You must read and fan motor characteristic.

If the hood is good, it is suitable, but the engine is weak, you can take it, but additionally put a second fan - many owners put it to gain traction.By the way, it is very convenient.

If you work in the kitchen is in the "normal" mode, it is sufficient to extract most of the fan.And if something is fried hard - steamed, then turned on at the same time the second fan.Such fans are sold in stores.

place of installation is best defined in the wall, in the opening of the ventilation duct at home.The only problem, though small - to lend to the wire and put in a convenient location separate switch.Then there will be no complaints from his wife that bought bad hood, and "... What were you thinking when buying !!!You only have to get rid !!! ".By the way, this is really a great option.

set - hood - to - kitchen - 3

is followed to determine the height of the hood installation.Should be guided by two factors: the recommendation of the manufacturer and the growth of his wife.That it should be as easy to work at the stove.Not pleasant if it will constantly touch of extractor head during its growth.On the Internet, some authors even refer to the need to comply with the distance from the appliances to the gas equipment.But it's a moot point.After all, modern gas stoves have electrical ignition system.According to experts, the minimum installation height - 80 cm

When purchasing plate should immediately buy and "removal.".In extracts of the outlet come in different shapes: round, square.And wherein the dimensions may be different.Therefore, it is better to acquire the "set": hood + removal.It is necessary in advance to see a hole in the ventkanal home, remove its size.And yet - you need to measure the distance from the plate to the wall, where the ventilation shaft passes.To house it became clear that the vent channel length is not enough.

set - hood - to - kitchen - 2

If exhaust outlet "round", and then we can make it in mine.In the store you need to buy a cylinder with check valve.This cylinder is placed on ventkanala input.When the fan valve opens and lets air out of the room, and it is closed at the idle drawing.This prevents the kitchen from drafts, dust and dirt.It must be borne in mind that the shorter duct, the less it has of bends, the better traction.

Videos on the topic - installing the hood: