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August 12, 2017 18:06

Proper organization and ventilation device septic tank of a country house

Many homeowners think that sewer ventilation in the form of risers on the roof is used to eliminate unpleasant odors and provide output gases from the septic tank.But it is not so.The main purpose of the vent riser is to eliminate the probability of formation of a vacuum in the shunt tubes when draining sewage.

In the case of the volume discharge of autonomous functioning of the sewerage system is negligible, and the smells of the septic tank is not felt.However, the problem often arises during the active pumping assenizatorskaya machine drains.At the same riser, even if it is highly raised above the roof, unable to save them from odors present.Today our topic is the proper organization and a device septic tank of a private house ventilation.


two outer ventilation pipes made of PVC are used for the arrangement of the exterior ventilation.The lower pipe diameter of 100 mm is mounted in the ceiling of a septic tank so that it rose above ground level to a height which precludes penetrati

on of flood water.A smaller diameter top tube (typically 50 mm) is inserted into the hole bottom and withdrawn through the adapter to the roof of the house or at a sufficiently greater height.

like simple arrangement of ventilation septic tank ensures the complete absence of unpleasant odors.

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Application vent

Costly installation of the riser can be replaced with a vent which is quite possible to do it yourself.ventilation valves for the sewage system can be several versions, but available materials used to manufacture them, which is always available from any DIY.

The main advantage of this valve is its ability to prohibit the output of warm air from the tank septic tank, which prevents the likelihood of frost in the sewer pipes.Air risers, which are mounted normally, such a movement is not hindered, resulting in possible freezing of sewer pipes outside the house.

the Fan - kanalizatky

simplest procedure of manufacturing the valve

  • Take a spring of a ballpoint pen and pick up a screw length of 45 mm, a suitable diameter of the spring.
  • From thick plastic washer to cut 50 mm in diameter.Drill a hole in the center of the washer to screw held it freely.The spring in the hole should not go, it must rest on the washer.From
  • thin dense foam cut another washer of larger diameter (60 mm).At its center to make a hole for the screw.Both washers glued together with glue "Moment".Mark
  • tee end cap 100 mm diameter drilled therein three holes having a diameter of not more than 5 mm.The distance between the center of the lid, and these openings must not exceed 20-25 mm.Be sure to remove burrs on the inside of the lid.In the center of the lid with an awl pierce the thin hole and screw to screw thus collected all the constructive elements of the valve.

valve operation Check

assembled valve, check its functioning.For this purpose, you must turn to blow into the hole made.The passage of air must be free.If you need a large injection of effort, then loosen the screw, thus weakening the force of the spring.

then you should try to draw the air in the opposite direction.The air flow should not.If it still does, the screw should be slightly tighten, squeezing the most spring.

This allows you to check to make sure the valve performance, whose task is to keep the gases coming from the septic tank, and protect the gates at the time of discharge from the absorption of water.The use of such valves in sewer ventilation provides sufficient reliability and efficiency.In the case of the ventilation device in a two-story house to install a valve for each branch drain.