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August 12, 2017 18:06

How and what materials to insulate garage doors with their hands

the temperature inside the garage is not only able to fully enjoy them throughout the year.From it depends largely on the state of our personal car (primarily rubber products).This temperature has a direct impact on the climate, which is installed in the cellar under the garage.One way to keep warm is warming garage doors, and today we'll talk about how to do it with their own hands.

materials used for insulation

  • polystyrene (foam);
  • mineral wool (glass wool), which I told the virtues;
  • expanded clay (Coating).

In practice, the most frequently used material is still plastic foam.This is due to the fact that, firstly, it has very low thermal conductivity, and secondly, it is one of the cheapest and most readily available materials.And thirdly, when the edges handle (not to crumble), the durability of the thermal insulation is guaranteed.

Sheets of foam or polystyrene foam should be laid end to end.They can be simply pasted.The slots, which are formed at the joints between the sheets and

the sheets and corner door frame, you need to seal the well.To this end, suitable foam (although expensive), various adhesives, conventional tow.

somehow insulate - gate - to - garage

additional insulation gate

should worry about the additional insulation "area" gate.One can cite the example of two ways.

1. Along the gate, just above the upper edge, stretched metal wire (string).You can also use a thin metal rope.Of the old curtains (preferably dense material) is sewn cloth.Fit - to opening the gate was completely closed.This "web" is suspended on a wire stretched by means of rings (as in the curtain).When you exit the garage only need to push it and "cut off" gate.This curtain will create additional protection against the ingress of cold air.

2. Above the gate, above the upper edge, casts a long wooden rake.To it are attached a thick strip of polyethylene (in the form of ribbons).At length they have a bit to get to the floor.However, this method has a significant drawback - the band will greatly limit visibility and make it difficult leaving the machine.

As a complement another recommendation.In the garage, we often go not only to drive the car, but it is completely open at least one door leaf.If you make one of the doors a wicket, it will significantly reduce the possible heat loss.And if the machine is not used in the winter time, the gate can be tightly caulked and only use the gate.

To learn how and what is best to cover the garage Cruz, I recommend reading this article about cheap roofing materials.