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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for installing the pump in the well with their hands

Even before the acquisition of the pump should think about whether the size of his body diameter borehole pipes.After all, it is clear that in their places of joints diameter is somewhat reduced.Moreover, the pump must not pipe "push" it must be easy to "pass."If the issue is resolved, you can proceed to the installation of the pump in the well, it is quite possible to make their own hands.

reminder.Submersible pumps for wells operate under water.Therefore, the issues of reliable waterproofing of all connections should be constantly in the spotlight.


first step on the pump outlet adapter set (nipple), because the pump will need to connect the pipes.Nipple provides a transition from the inner to the outer thread.Most pumps have a diameter of output per inch and a quarter, although some models have both inch output.When you purchase should ask is whether the pump set this adapter.If not, then you must immediately and buy.

installation of pump

quite natural that any threaded connection that requires seali

ng, is done without "pre-roll" at the junction.Plumbers are increasingly using the so-called tape FUM, although sometimes used and hemp.Experts do not recommend to use these materials podmotochnymi installation of downhole pumps.

better use Tangit tape or flax.In the case of the latter made it the top coating of silicone sealant or a similar lubricant.Such materials provide a reliable connection.In fact, besides the fact that the compound affects the pressure, the entire assembly will experience more and hydraulic shocks, beating of the pipes at the pump.On the nipple is screwed coupling.

When installing the pump tube can be used not only metal, but polypropylene, a welding which I have already described.In any case, use of a pipe with a diameter of at least 32 mm.Pipes a "small" severely limit the water pressure.Starting from the end of the pipe to be connected to the pump, its maximum aligned (not less than 4 - 5 m).This is necessary in order to immersion pump into the well, he served as evenly as possible, without distortions.After that, the connection pipe and the pump.

Fitting downhole pump circuit

Power cable that provides power to the pump motor, are not necessarily included in its package.Therefore, in the absence thereof must be prepared in advance by a cable connected to the electric motor terminals (cable exiting the segment).It is recommended to use heat-shrinkable tubing, and on top put a shrink sleeve.This connection will provide reliable waterproofing.After this part of the work of the cable is laid along the pipe.

To lower the pump into the well will require a metal cable.It must be securely fastened to the pump housing.Each model has this special lifting lugs.The cable is also laid along the existing route (cable, pipe).

The result is a circuit that consists of three elements.These "elements" (pipe, cable and wire rope) must be secured to each other, to get one unit.For this purpose, special clamps (metal, plastic), electrical tape, wire (but only with isolation, not to cut the cable and plastic pipe)

Note.This connection should not be too dense.

Pump installation

After such training on the tube dresses headroom.Do not forget to install the O-ring.After this, the lowering in the pump tube.If it is somewhere to cling, then he needs to "help" a turning movement.

Given that there are pumps from different manufacturers, different models and modifications, before you install the pump into the well to carefully study the instructions attached to it.I told you about the general order of work, which is relevant for any borehole pump, without taking into account the design features of a particular model.