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August 12, 2017 18:06

The list of works on installation of septic tank with his hands

for sewer devices in suburban private buildings used by various systems.One of the most effective and common is a system called "septic tank".Despite certain difficulties in its installation, to install a septic tank is quite possible with their own hands.This model is a septic tank has undeniable advantages, and is very popular among gardeners.

Benefits septic tank

  • all elements of the system are located underground.Given its absolute tightness, this system practically does not spread odors and does not take up a lot of useful area;
  • septic tank cleaning is carried out not more than once a year;
  • the opportunity to select the appropriate volume tank (reservoir);
  • environmental cleanliness system;
  • high performance cleaning.

For correct assembly of the system is necessary to understand the principle of its action.Indeed, any work must be done intelligently.Therefore, we first briefly about how the septic tank.

septic tank

The principle of septic

Usually system consists of two tanks (camera).The first o

ccurs rough treatment of wastewater.This is achieved due to the fermentation process, which results in degradation of waste organic and inorganic in the component.Particles of the latter in the form of sludge sinks to the bottom container.

first and second containers are connected to each other in the middle part.The water, having been previously cleaned enters through internal channels to the second chamber.There splitting process continues.

Ends cleaning process in a special biological filter.At its output water is purified by 75 percent - 80.

Last septic element - Infiltrator.Content biofilter comes into it for the final cleaning of water.Infiltrator is a vessel without a bottom, so all coming at him the water gets into the soil (through the rubble layer), which completes the cleaning process.What is the Infiltrator?It can hold inside a fairly large amount of water (increased discharge of effluent), which gradually all the leaves into the soil.

must know that there are several models of septic tank, so when choosing the optimal variant is necessary to focus on the number of people staying in the building.

septic tank installation diagram setup of septic tank

Models septic tank

first model - if the house has lived no more than three people.This model of septic tank 1 has been widely used in the suburban areas.The day cleans about 600 liters of "sinks".Therefore, if the house (dacha) constantly nobody lives, the first model is quite suitable for a larger family.Especially if you use the Infiltrator.

fourth model , for example, can serve multiple homes.During the day can pass up to 1800 liters of waste water.Therefore, the necessary equipment (model) is selected on the basis of specific conditions.

list of works on the installation of the system

  1. choice of location for the preparation of the pit.The pit for the septic tank must be placed at the maximum distance from an accessible source of water (well, well);
  2. excavation.At the same time it should be noted that at its bottom is laid sand cushion.. Recommended layer within a depth of 5 cm of the pit must be such that the septic tank, packed on the cushion, was recessed into the ground to the neck level;
  3. installing a septic tank.It should be set so that there is some space between the casing and the walls of the pit.Therefore, a hole is made slightly larger than the dimensions of the tank;
  4. filling the tank underground.However it is better to use a mixture of sand and cement.Pour "podsypku" portions should be.Each of them need to tamp firmly.It is recommended to fill the container with water in parallel, so as not to damage the wall during tamping application phase;
  5. after tank installation is done filling it with water.Be sure that the water level was above the level of the filling (the water should be in the neck);
  6. the last stage - the insulation of the tank shell.After that the final filling of the container taken out previously ground.

If the setting of Infiltrator, you should be familiar with the procedure to install it, as it is - a separate conversation.