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August 12, 2017 18:06

Terms of connecting a gas boiler to the heating system at home, and a video circuit

Before you begin to connect a gas boiler, it is necessary to understand a few basic requirements.They apply to all gas boilers, regardless of modification, capacity and installation location (floor or wall-mounted version).

  • boiler should be placed in a separate room.It should be spacious enough and have good ventilation.
  • If the boiler is designed for installation on the floor, the floor surface must be flat.
  • not allowed near the boiler have household items or household utensils.
  • In the room where the boiler is installed, it is recommended to install and gas detector.We should not forget that gas appliances - high-risk facilities.

Modern boilers are equipped with all necessary devices and instruments necessary to ensure control over the work process, mode switching and tripping in an emergency.About installing makeshift boilers are not talking;this should not be done at all.

Any boiler must be isolated from the surface of the building.If it is installed on the floor, then constructed a spe
cial stand of non-combustible material.If it is hung on the wall, it should be provided as non-combustible layer between the body and the wall.

a gas boiler

The procedure works on connecting

boiler connection to the mains is made by means of detachable threaded connectors (joints).The pipes can be used both metallic and made of metal - it depends on how convenient host.At the entrance to the boiler and the output from it is put valves.Professionals advise to install ball valves.They can be used almost immediately to block highway.The same applies to gas pipe - it is connected to the boiler by means of a flexible high-pressure hose.In the case of repair or maintenance it is easy to disconnect and move aside.

The heating system is required to set the water filter.It protects the inner surface of the heat exchanger and pipes inside the boiler system from falling on them of various foreign particles: salt deposits, dirt, rust (if the system has a metal pipe).When you install the filter you need to focus on the arrow that ousted on the filter housing - its tip points in the direction of water flow.filter should be placed on the "return pipe", ie on the pipe, through which water from the radiators back to the boiler.A common mistake - the filter is installed the other way around.In this position, he will not perform its function.

to the heating system is necessary to bring another "thread", it must be connected to the water supply.Before place the pipe connections well placed ball valve.It is necessary for special equipment installed in the boiler, to systematically monitor the water pressure.If it is different from the specified in the certificate for the boiler, the water in the heating system is added.Connect the following to the pipe that goes from the boiler to the batteries.Some "masters" say that there is no difference, which include - in a straight thread or in the return line.There is a difference - if the boiler is heated by a gas burner heat exchanger.What happens if you go to the cold water?


Some sources indicate that it will take a number of instruments and devices.Lists sensors, water pump, expansion tank and a number of other elements.It should again be recalled that all the necessary to ensure the safe operation of the boiler is already in itself.To verify this, just look at the attached documentation.However, to check the functioning of all parts of the boiler is required.It is particularly important to ensure the protection is activated.To do this artificially created emergency situations, for example, overlaps one of the cranes on the water circulation system.But this is a somewhat different story.

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