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August 12, 2017 18:06

To insulate a private home outside foam , mineral wool and foam - Features and Tips

This question is most interested in the people living in their own home.City residents seldom resorted to the external thermal insulation of walls of their apartments, since it is associated with high costs, including those for the services of industrial climbers.However many have its own proprietary any structure where it is necessary to create good conditions, including temperature.For example, country house, garage, sauna.

Not everyone understands that the insulation can not only create a comfortable climate in a particular structure.Outside insulation of any structure and gives a purely economic effect.Firstly, there is no need for frequent inclusion of additional elements of space heating.It is mainly for this purpose, electric heaters.Consequently, for the energy you have to pay even more than usual.Second, the low temperature in the building (but if also the corresponding humidity) favors the development of mold and mildew.This - the decay or damage the walls, ceiling and stuff.And again - the

money "out of pocket": to repair, to buy new things.

Warming house outside is made with different materials.But when "insulation" need to focus on that from which are made in the first place, the walls of the house.After all, for every building material (eg, a heater) provides its own installation technology.It may be that the warm concrete house chosen material will, but it will require a lot of additional work.So, will the loss of time and again all the same money.Therefore, a choice must be optimal.Let us consider some of thermal insulating materials and features of their installation.

methods of external insulation at home using a variety of materials

It should be understood that the outer insulation is most effective.It does not reduce the "cubic capacity" rooms, do not accumulate moisture in the room, so the walls do not "sweat".Thermal insulation of walls require greater attention.Experts say that through their "leaves" to 30% of the heat.Thus, we begin to insulate different materials.

Thermal insulation foam

One of the most popular, easy and cheap insulating materials.To work with him does not require any special tools or techniques.However, we must note that the foam is classified as combustible materials.The procedure will work as follows:

  1. preparation of surfaces walls.It is necessary to achieve its careful alignment.Foam comes in plate format.If such a plate attached to the rough surface, the voids are formed.Firstly, by mechanical action on this place foam just burst.Secondly, any isolated space - is the potential accumulation of moisture, various insects, etc .;.
  2. as part of the training - the subsequent primer surface.If the wall has the remains of whitewash, for example, the adhesive, which will be attached foam, just do not "grab" to the wall.Therefore, it should be a good wash and primed;
  3. next phase - installation of low tide (external window sills).They need to align the horizon with the level, so you do not have to cut the slab foam;
  4. necessary to put the base before laying tiles.It is also called "home bar".It does not allow the plate to slide down, and to respect the line will be much easier.

Stack foam plates start from the bottom.From how correctly exposed bottom plate, and depends on the evenness of the entire series.Plates "planted" on the glue.Professionals recommend three days after stickers further consolidate their nails (if the wall material allows it).

If foam insulated home from a bar, it should be thoroughly repaired all the holes and cracks.You can use any material: mineral or ecowool, foam or something else.The main thing - to eliminate the circulation of air, drafts.

insulation - foam

insulated with mineral wool

This material has several names, and most often it is called short - mineral wool.There are the names of glasswool, rockwool, mineral wool insulation.The basis of this material - glass fiber.On sale there are special plates made of this material, which "sheathed" exterior walls.To fix such plates used special valves.stone "laynrok" Especially popular is wool.She has insulated walls, roofs, attics.This material, unlike the foam is flexible, so it does not require laying a careful preparation of the surfaces.

warming - minvatoy-

Warming polystyrene (penoplex)

As a rule, most of them insulated basements, cellars, basements, walls.This material is one of the best for the protection of buildings from the effects of groundwater.To apply external insulation polystyrene plates and a special plaster, which includes the material.It should be borne in mind that penoplex produces several brands.Home fit "31" and "35".Thermal insulation is made in several stages.

  • pasted on the wall plate with the help of plaster mixtures;
  • top plate again covered with one layer of the same mixture.This layer is needed to further protect the insulation material;
  • superimposed on top schelochnostoykaya fiberglass mesh;
  • made priming the entire surface;
  • last layer - the choice of host.You can just paint, plaster.Possible to cover some decorative material.It is a matter of taste.

warming - Penoplex

Features thermal insulation of wooden houses

Keep in mind that any tree, no matter what breed it was, moisture evaporates.In such cases we say that it "breathes".It is for this reason that when the outer insulation of wooden structures need to think about creating good ventilation walls.Experts recommend use as insulation glass wool or basalt wool.It is almost the same, the only difference is the price.Glass wool is cheaper.

recommended to replace wood windows with plastic prior to installation of insulation.Mounting frame starts after installation.It is assembled from wooden slats, installed vertically (similarity crates).The distance between the rails is chosen equal to the width of the slab insulation material.For mounting plates to the rails using special plugs made of plastic.


first fit vapor barrier, then - a heater.After installation of insulation layer is attached on top of a special film (waterproof).Its purpose - to "produce" the moisture out of the wall, but do not pass it outside.In the last step, you can put a layer of plaster, produce paneling siding.

Before you opt for any particular a heater, it is better to consult a specialist.After all, the same for all the recommendations can not be.In addition to those features, which have already been mentioned, it is necessary to take into account other factors.For example, the climatic conditions in the region of residence.This includes its humidity swings, and maximum and minimum ambient temperature.

is necessary to take into account and how the selected material reacts to aggressive chemicals, the effects of sunlight and the possibility of allocating them to harmful substances, and so on. D. Therefore, the cost of the material should not be decisive, although ithas the meaning.