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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for building cages for rabbits with their hands , drawings and video

do - cell As you probably know, breeding rabbits is quite lucrative - in recent years quite a few people interested in rabbit breeding.But any breeder with something you need to start.When there is a certain "basic" knowledge of the subject, it raises the obvious question: where to get a cage for their future pupils?

Rabbits do not refer to the number of animals for which you need to create some exceptional conditions.It is therefore easier to make the cage with his hands than to buy someone has already used and sold as unnecessary, or to order the production thereof.Homemade cell will take into account all the features of its location and will save a lot of money.And the marriage of the manufacturer will be able to avoid it - because for himself, anyone will try to do accurately.

choose the place and the material for the cell

should begin with the choice of location for the rabbitry.The main criterion when choosing a place - its protection from wind and drafts.

In addition, please note that for bre

eding rabbits need different types of cells.Some will contain the pregnant females, in others - rabbits.There should be separate cells for males.So it turns out that it is necessary to build a "residential complex".In addition, cells can be installed outdoors or indoors.The cells themselves may have space for "walking", although they can be built without it.

Before the construction is necessary to select a material for building cells.Do not use iron.All parts subject to load (framework, the supports) must be mounted from the wooden bars.For walls or boards are used, or layered plywood or netting.It also depends on the climate and on the arrangement of the place rabbitry - on the street or in the house.

grid should be chosen with small cells.Finishing rails are used in wood or plastic.It is necessary to carefully handle all the wooden parts of the cell, literally "grind", or a home for the rabbits will be traumatic.

Tips on building

Sex is best done from the grid or slats.In the latter case, they should be laid in such a way that between them was about 1.5 cm. If the cell is to stand on the street, it is a double floor.First, lay the board, and then the top, at a certain height, fixed mesh or slats.This is necessary in order not to accumulate on the floor waste animals life.

house roof is made of the same material as the walls.But if the cell will be under the open sky, the grid, of course, excluded.For the "street" cells need to further conceal the roof (slate, tile).should not be applied metal coating, as the sun will become hot iron, and the rabbits will be uncomfortable.

cell - to - krolikov_

There are different breeds of these furry little animals, so a uniform standard for the size of dwelling does not exist.It should focus on the minimum limit for the cell sizes: 150 × 70x70 (cm).If the cell decided to place outdoors, they should be placed "on high" (on support).So it is more convenient to take care of rabbits, and from entering the cage rodent will guarantee.Cells that are supposed to be placed in the room should be made in the form of houses.Wild relatives of domestic rabbits live in burrows, so you need to account for this "call of the wild."

Feeders and drinkers for rabbit must be provided such that the animals can not contaminate them.If they are installed inside the (stationary), they must be equipped with covers.You can make and drawers, hanging.

Now, with this knowledge, you can start to build the cells.Here are the sizes for medium-sized animals.If the back wall is 70 × 50 cm, the front should be slightly higher (eg, 80 × 55).The entire cell is partitioned into compartments between which must be hole for rabbits.The cover to do the flip.It's a lot easier caring for small animals and clean their homes.

These are general guidelines for building cells.As already mentioned, the more precise dimensions and design depend on many factors: the conditions of detention (house outdoors), climatic conditions, the number of animals, and more.However, there are rules that must be followed, regardless of the features of the rabbitry:

  1. cell sizes for males should be such that the animals have enough space to move around.If the rabbit is closely, they just "lazy."It may go so far that they are not to be the offspring;
  2. 3 - 4 rabbit have to do a separate cell, and spacious.When breeding rabbits, small rabbits kept with their mothers, they are fed;
  3. one cell should be free.The fact that some rabbits do not reach the desired weight in the period of the joint detention with her mother.Therefore, they are then fed separately, while their mother preparing for the next kindling.

recommend - a video of the construction of cells for rabbits, according to the figure in the image above: