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August 12, 2017 18:06

Aviary for dogs with their own hands - materials , place , building

If you decide to make a cage for your dog yourself, instead of buying ready or not to order "on the side", you should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the matter "of the" construction.This and the materials used, and location, and manufacturing technology.

It is clear that it is possible somewhere to see how to make the enclosure, and to build on the "image and likeness" Will there be confidence in the fact that it is already installed somewhere "construction" done correctly?And if it is correct, then it fits the same enclosure just for your own dog?Therefore, first of all, you should understand, and why is it needed, an aviary for the dog, and how it should be?

Asked about the appointment of the enclosure, we can say briefly - it is for a dog and a house, and "infield".Therefore, such a construction should be comfortable for living is our dog, not a dog "in general".

They're like people, all different.It is essential that our pet was, first, his house (warm booth).But clean up some

thing in the "private sector" is not a dog and its owner.Consequently, it must be taken into account when determining the size of the enclosure.In other words, it should be possible in a more spacious .

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Dimensions enclosure

Speaking of size, it should be noted that the maximum size of the enclosures is nowhere mentioned.The determining factor here is the availability of free territory in the area of ​​the dog owner.But the minimum limits defined.The smallest side should be 2 m or more.The area of ​​the entire territory, which takes an enclosure depends on the dog.They are divided on the basis of 3 "growth": small, medium, and high.For undersized dogs (up to 50 cm) is sufficient enclosure area 6 m2, for an average growth rate (50 - 65 cm), you should add a couple of "squares", and for high-dogs (over 65 cm) - the area will have 10 m2.

But do not forget that this is the limit, at least.By the way, to all this, there are two reservations.If during the night the owner lets his dog on the territory of the infield (for example, for protection), then the specified size can be reduced and, since it automatically eliminates the need for a place for walking - this is the first.And the second - if the enclosure is constructed, which will contain a bitch, it should be noted that in the future will be and puppies.Therefore, the size of the area to increase slightly.

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Choosing a place for the cage

So, with the size of it is clear.And space in territory, not even one.Where it is best to position the cage?Place, if possible, choose the most dry (hence the most "high" on the site).It is advisable to close to the aviary were objects that in sunny weather provide shade (trees, buildings).However, they should not completely overshadow the enclosure of natural light.Do not place the cage near the places where the air is heavily polluted (landfill, septic tank, garage with its exhaust and so on. D.).

Any enclosure is divided into three zones: the dog house (winter road), the platform and playground.Why shed, clear.The platform is necessary in order that the dog can lie, "soak up" is not on the cold ground and a tree.The site - a place where the dog can and run - jump.

is necessary to choose the right materials.Experts recommend the use of grooved boards (for the "deaf" walls).In general, any building material should be environmentally friendly, no synthetics.And "iron" smaller.Nails are not recommended, as the dog can ever get hurt.All connections should be placed on screws, bolts, clamps, welding and so on. D.

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Construction dog "residence»

As already mentioned, the size of the enclosure is chosen arbitrarily.However, we must follow the recommendations that relate to any and all such structures.The walls of the booth, as already pointed out, it is better to make of the boards, and the question we are discussing is like.You can use a profile, which will play the role of "guide", which will go to the assembly.This will facilitate the work and strengthen the structure.Boards Profile bolted.Sex is better to make the team.This will facilitate, if necessary, repair.It must be raised above the ground so that in the booth was a good ventilation, and did not arise mold and musty smell.

should be remembered that the floor should be little inclination toward the front.This will provide a drain of water booth and facilitate its removal.The roof is better to cover a tile or slate.Metal roofing is very hot, and in the rain will "ring".And the roof, too, should have a slope for water drainage.The slope and the roof and the floor is in one direction.One booth wall should be lattice - the dog should see the surrounding area.

doors and booths, and around the enclosure must be opened only in and have a deadbolt.The total enclosure is made (as an option) of the tube and the rod.For some reason, some experienced breeders are advised not to use a metal mesh.

Before you start building the cage with his hands, it is necessary still to objectively assess their capabilities and skills.Perhaps more appropriate to the bulk of the work (the most time-consuming) to make, but some elements of the enclosure ready to buy or order in a specialized organization.But this is everyone decides for himself.Home to four-legged friend in the end was cozy and comfortable.