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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water country house - to dig a well with their hands

to ensure their homes with water a person uses a variety of methods.If the private sector in the settlements, in most cases connected to a central water supply system, then what about the owners of country houses and gardens, for which a free "access" to the water source is the real problem?One option to solve it is the arrangement of the well on the site land.Today I will talk about how to dig a well on their own.

the well - its - hands - 3

Choosing a place for the well

The first thing to do - is to correctly identify the location for the construction of the well.To proceed with the need for the following reasons:

  1. whether a site underground aquifers, and the depth at which they occur.You can resort to the help of "craftsmen" who know how to find water with a rod, and you can ask the neighbors who already have wells.Sometimes determining occurrence of groundwater by external features: the presence of marsh vegetation, its active growth, a lot of mosquitoes and black flies in such places.There are many signs.For
    the validation of the space digs (drilled) control wells.Do it best in the summer, in dry weather.Then they will not distort the results of the inspection nor the melt-water does not rain;
  2. build a well to be on an elevated plot.This will prevent flooding in the future it melt or rain water;
  3. well should not be located closer than 30 meters away from the places that can serve as a source of dirt (dump, barn, toilet, and so on. D.), Otherwise the water in the well will be of poor quality.From the house the well should be placed at a distance of more than 6 - 8 meters, or well water will "undermine" the foundations of the structure;
  4. place well installation should create a convenience to them.And come freely and carry water nearby.Perhaps in the future will want to build an automated water supply system in the house or on the land with a wall of water from a well.So it will need a place for the installation of the equipment;
  5. properties of the soil in the area.It is best to dig a pit mine in the hard ground.Then there is no need to equip the complex protection of repose of the soil into the well system.

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After selecting a place for the well is necessary to determine its type and the daily needs of the hosts in the water.It is necessary to take into account the amount of water for cooking and for household purposes (irrigation area, for example).Accordingly, the dimensions of the well calculated.It makes no sense to build a large well with a "modest" demand for water.However, it should be borne in mind that in the pit is too little water will not settle well, so in determining the size of the well should select the optimal variant.It is best to ask about what the wells already have neighbors and whether they meet their needs.We should also bear in mind that it is necessary to carry out maintenance work on the mine, cleaning the well.In a confined space such work will be difficult to do.

Types wells

wells depending on the version there are several kinds.For example, ring, mining, drilling.Traditional pit consists of an upper part (headroom), mines (water intake) and buzzer (drive).Most often, the owner makes the well shaft type.If you use concrete rings, they must also buy.Plus special equipment to install them.Typically, dig a hole at least three people.One - in a hole, the second - on the surface, picks up the bucket with soil, and the third worker is resting.This ensures continuity in the work.It is necessary to consider safety measures, including the probability of occurrence of gas.

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When the mine is dug, leveled the bottom and pumped the excess water appeared.After that there is installation of the first frame of the massive logs.Then vertically placed crowns, and the seams are sealed with clay quality.After installation, the bottom is filled with large rims sand and mounted for ventilation well.Its absence would lead to rotting of water and the taste of it will have a corresponding.

Once completed preparation of the mine, put blockhouse.It protects the shaft and the dirt, and from freezing.On top put a canopy with collar, which is fastened to the metal handle.This is a simple description of the device well.

Before you build a well, it is recommended to take the control of the well water sample and send it for chemical analysis.The local sanitary and epidemiological station will conclude whether this is suitable for drinking water, or it can be used only for technical necessities.Think about your health.

Finally, informative video on how a person alone dug well: