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Country Houses

August 12, 2017 18:06

The device supply a country house with their hands out of the well

Every day people use the water, and it is desirable not to have to go regularly to the column behind it, well or any other source.The water in the house need constant, regardless of the time of year, day, or anything else.And if in the settlements question the centralized water supply of houses is almost universally resolved in the best houses, located below the cities and towns, this problem is solved by homeowners, usually on their own.

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its various sources can be used to supply water to the country house.Let us consider how to implement the water supply of a country house with their hands, using an existing well.Naturally, the well should be properly equipped by.This implies, inter alia, the presence of rings of concrete, masonry or wooden frame which protects the earth from shedding from the walls of the well.Water from the well of the house has both its advantages and disadvantages.

pit Benefits:

  • simple arrangement of the well;
  • low material costs in the water supply company;
  • free access to water;
  • if provided by the well weatherization measures, such a water source can be operated all year round.


  • not all aquifers occur at a level sufficient for the well equipment;
  • need additional warming the entire route the water supply.

Choosing a pump for the well

But the choice has been made, and the well is already filled with water.The next stage - the choice of the type and capacity of the pump for the water supply system.The operation of such a system is that the water pump "picks up" the water from the well and let down to the house pipe feeds it in a home plumbing.Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to what the pump power and pressure that it can provide.It is clear that you need to focus on the length of the pipe system from the well to the house.

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for the abstraction of water from the well use one of two types of pumps: submersible or surface pump priming.Some experts have warned about the low reliability of submersible pumps.Moreover, they require a high degree of electrical insulation, such as the pump body is constantly in the water.In addition to standard pumps, if there are sufficient funds for water supply at home, you can install a pumping station.

When selecting a pump should calculate the maximum water flow rate in the period of greatest consumption.For example, in the morning, when all members of the family wash.Performance of the picked up the pump must exceed the maximum water flow rate.In other words, there should be a power supply.

Usually such "excess" capacity is taken within 30%.Based on the length of the route, the necessary performance sellers specialty stores will help you choose an acceptable model of the pump.Recommended pump capacity for a country house (cottage) and a medium-sized family of 4 is approximately 3 - 4 m³ / h.That would be enough, and for the operation of the home units (washing, washing machines) and for irrigation infield land.System pressure will be sufficient to 1,5 atmosphere.

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pipes for water supply pipes

best use of metal.This material does not corrode, it is easy enough to bend (and it will have to make in laying the track) and easy to install.Laying of pipes is done at the depth to which the earth does not freeze in winter.It depends on the region of residence.But in any case it should not be less than 30 cm. It is understood that the water pipeline system in the house is fully mounted, installed all of its elements.

therefore necessary to provide in addition: automation system, storage tank, check valve, inlet valve.This - the main part of the home water supply system.As an automatic pump shutdown device is good to use ECM (electric contact pressure gauge).

holding tank (accumulator) or set in the attic or on the roof.It is better to use a tank vertical configuration.From him with a bias toward the pit lay the pipe.It will need to drain the water from the system in the event that the owners live in the house all year round, but only in the warm season (spring - summer - autumn).That the periodicity of the people living in the house depends on the specific water supply scheme.

This is a general principle of water from the well of the house.So before you get started, you need to become familiar with all the nuances of such a construction.Also I recommend to see the entire process on video: