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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a snowthrower for cottage or home - models and features that it is worth considering when buying

need to purchase a snowplow to give due not only to facilitate the work of clearing snow drifts from the territory adjacent to the house, but also taking care of the house, as promptly cleaned the snow to avoid flooding of basements meltwater.

Given the fact that the types of snowplows there is a huge amount to make the right choice snowthrower needed it for your purposes is quite difficult.To simplify this task, we try to make a comparative analysis of the machines, providing snow removal.


self-propelled or non-self?

Decisive in the selection of self-propelled and self-propelled machines are the physical capabilities of its future owner.However, both types of machines have certain features that need to be considered.

Describing self-propelled snow tools, it is worth noting that they have a rubberized screw, which does not damage the surface being cleaned.These machines are ideal for cleaning small areas and tracks from the newly fallen snow.They are characterized by a relatively low cost and a

bility to be dropped on the snow 3-5 meters, but on the condition that the weight of the snow had no time to be frozen and packed.Managing such a machine, the operator must exert considerable physical effort to increase on uneven terrain and steep gradients.

propelled snowblower is easy to cope with any density snow removal.The rate of operation of this unit can be selected using the gear in such a way as to best suit the prevailing conditions.On the professional models installed joysticks that make machine operation easy and intuitive.However, these machines are not without drawbacks.The first thing that catches the eye even during cleaning, is that in the decorative coatings and cobbled paths and even the concrete floors in the garage there are traces of working teeth.The use of self-propelled snow plows is economically disadvantageous to small areas, because fuel costs are uneconomic.

PS 550D Spezial

One- or two-step?

snow machines is considered a single-stage, if it is installed a screw.In the same case, when a pair of screw-rotor machine is considered to be a two-stage.The rotor serves to increase the distance over which the snow is thrown retractable and mounted on a self-propelled models.Making a choice between one- and two-stage machine, it should be understood that the dropping of snow over long distances within a small space is required.

power and range of emission

snow mistake to assume that the higher the power, and the greater the distance snow is thrown, the better car.By selecting these two characteristics is based on the size of the area where the snowthrower will be applied.

cleaning area, m. 500-600 600-1500 1500-3500 3500-5000
rational power, hp 5-6,5 8 10-10,5 13
Rational range of output, m 5-6 7-9 10-12 10-15

Electric or petrol?

answer to this question also depends on the specific operating conditions.For example, if the land area, where will clear snow, small, then use it quite powerful and voracious four-stroke gasoline engine will not be economically feasible.Accordingly, the cleaning of small areas better done with the help of snow machines with electric motors.

Domestic snow-plow

caterpillars or wheels?

Making the choice between the track or wheeled snow machines, should take into account some of the nuances that may arise during its operation.If, during the snow removal machine will need to be rotated quite often it is necessary to give preference to the unit on wheels with the possibility of blocking.If the snow is cleaned on a rollercoaster, curbs, or will need to move the car up the stairs, you should opt for a tracked version, because it is more practical for inclined surfaces.In addition, these machines are able to adjust the balance.

Additional elements that increase the efficiency of a snowplow

On modern snow machines has a mission, which can be up to 6 gears.If the choice for the other parameters already produced, preference should be given to that machine, the number of gear which is greater as it will facilitate the selection of the optimal pace of work.

presence of the deflector in the snow-removing machine greatly simplifies the entire process of cleaning the snow because snow mass is discarded with it wherever it is needed.In simple models adjustment is a manual vent.More sophisticated and expensive cars can have on your control panel joysticks, providing the process of adjustment of the deflector.

To be able to work in the dark, you can buy a snow-plow lights, which are set usually at the expensive models.

Many users like heating function pens, while some completely deny its appropriateness, as the snow melts for them, from which the hands become wet.