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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gas bottle for questioning - where to buy and how to store

Outside the city gas is the cheapest energy source that has a number of advantages compared to electricity.With gas is easier and faster to warm, cook food.The main advantage is that, unlike electricity, gas, you will not be cut off, of course, provided that the source of gas supply is your own gas cylinder installed in the country or in a private home.

Which gas cylinder select

composite balloon If at your disposal a small garden house, then an acceptable solution will be the purchase of a gas cylinder with a burner mounted thereon.If you place on your summer residence permits, where you can install a complete gas stove and have them select the appropriate gas cylinder.Naturally, small portable spray because of its small volume is unlikely to fit in such a case, so you should choose the appropriate volume of the balloon.

Buy like a balloon to be in special firms that have the appropriate license to conduct this type of activity, as they are obliged to provide you with such tanks, the safety of the use of w

hich is not in doubt.

Typical volumes of these cylinders manufactured, usually made of steel, is 5, 12, 27 and 50 liters.However, you can think about purchasing a composite cylinder, which is much easier, explosion-proof and has extensive operational resources.

additional convenience composite cylinders is their transparency, enabling to constantly monitor the gas level and refuel balloon time.The only, but very significant disadvantage of such containers is their price: they are three times more expensive than steel.

Required composition of the gas system to give

If you choose to install on your cottage gas devices and supply them gas cylinders, then mounted gas system must necessarily be composed of:

  • main gas appliances (stove, heater and so on.n.)
  • special gas hose diameter of 9 mm or 6
  • reducer RDSG 1-1.2 if cylinder valve, or RDSG 2-1.2 if cylinder valve
  • own gas cylinder
  • cabinet steel storage thereincylinders
  • special clamps to secure the hose.

types of gas cylinders

If the gas in the balloon ended

In that case, the gas in the cylinder is ended, the container should be replaced by a substitute, if you exercise prudence and promptly purchased it.Let the cylinder can be charged in special companies specializing in household gas cylinders filling.To resort to the services of gas filling stations are not recommended, as they are offered butane technical purposes.However, you can easily find companies that produce the replacement of empty cylinders to domestic gas has filled even with shipping.

Where and how to store the gas cylinder in the

cottage As the gas and, consequently, having its gas, is a source of increased danger, you must comply with all the known security measures for storage tanks.Foremost among these measures is the installation and storage of gas cylinder outside the house in an enclosed steel cabinet.