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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to build a pool in the country with their own hands - a complete step by step guide

Pool What could be better than a wonderful summer holiday on the lake, pond or river?Especially nice when a body of water located in the immediate vicinity of the house.Build a pool on your own country site - this activity is quite simple and you can do it with your hands, though, is quite the impression at first glance, it's almost impossible.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the ideal location for the pool.Whichever site is chosen, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the reservoir connection to utilities - water supply and drain.Plus, if you wish, lights, a fountain or a small waterfall.So, you will have to make connection to the e-mail / purchasing.

What to consider when choosing a place

  • not root system of plants will be any damage.
  • distance from the "source" to the pool.It is clear that it should be minimal.This will reduce the amount of work and material costs.

Determining the place just is not possible without prior calculation designs of the future reservoir
.It is possible to build a swimming pool frame, it is possible - or a composite of the pit.

should be prepared in advance and the following set of tools:

  • Roulette;
  • Building level;
  • cord or rope;
  • Stones of different sizes;
  • Special small stakes;
  • Fittings;
  • grid-based steel wire;
  • boards;
  • valve, locking the water;
  • Nails and screws with a special coating against rust;
  • Adequate supply of sand and cement;
  • waterproofing material;
  • shovel;
  • Bar suitable for performing manual compaction method.

Pool 1

Speaking in general terms, the instruction for the construction of swimming pools in the country is as follows:

place, area and layout

determine the exact area, as well as the shape of the future reservoir.Dimensions are dependent on how many people will continue to enjoy the pond.A large family needs a large enough structure.Practice has shown that the optimum depth of the pool ranges from 120 to 180 centimeters, then the length and width can be equal to 400. This applies per adult.For children -. Not more than 0.8 m If we are talking about the country, which account for literally every centimeter, any advice would be superfluous - to the size of the reservoir is determined by each itself.

Pool 3 necessary to find the most successful place for the pool on the site.The space must necessarily be open, with no nearby trees.Trees - this is the reason that there will always be at the pool sufficiently cool water in which swim fallen leaves.Of course, you can not have a swimming pool in low-lying areas, as it will lead to the contamination of water by rain flows.

With roulette executed marking of the construction site, the dimensions of which all parties should exceed 50 centimeters in size of the future reservoir.The boundaries are clearly identified by a stake, which stretched rope.Fertile soil layer with the marked area must be completely removed.The next stage for concrete pool pit dug desired depth.Care should be taken to the pit walls were perfectly smooth, and the bottom was about 30 centimeters lower than the desired depth.The bottom, thus, must have a certain bias.

Pool 2

drainage pit formwork and concreting

any pool construction implies that fits the bottom of the sand layer, whose thickness is between 20 and 30 centimeters.Each of the stacked layers of compacted thoroughly, and then on top of the stele waterproofing materials.Enough good option can be considered a bituminous roofing material, wherein not only the reliability and practicality, and low cost.

But if you think about the durability of the construction, it is better to use a special membrane.So web can be covered once the whole pit, which will eliminate the need to seal the joints polos.Na roofing material placed stones, and on top of them - rods of metal or steel (plastic) reinforcing mesh.

scheme - 2 The need is not only available in the pit, but also in the specialized drainage hole, the depth of which should exceed the depth of the main reservoir.In the pit is placed a special drain pipe, the end of which is located in the pool, and then equipped with a valve, enabling them to turn off the water.The drainage hole wakes up sufficiently thick layer of gravel.Since it will come only dirty water and not waste water from the sewers, by its design are no special requirements.Then set skimmer and overflow system, dealing with water purification.

Throughout the entire perimeter of the reservoir reinforcement rods are placed in compliance with the step of 0.3 meters.The indentation of the edge is at a level of 5 centimeters.Rods necessarily fastened with wire.It should be remembered that the use of the welding machine is not allowed.Overheating of metal mesh decreases the strength and promotes corrosion.Therefore - only binding rods.Boards are used to lay down one wooden formwork panels.Inside the pit they need to install, pre-measured off 15 centimeters from the wall of the ground.

Pool 3

Although effective device permanent structures made of styrofoam plates.Furthermore, the material is waterproof, it still performs the function of a "mechanical" cup protection as ground shifts can lead to the concrete without deformation to the occurrence of cracks therein.Such foresight exclude the possibility of repair of the reservoir each spring.

pool Concreting is carried out with the help of cement.Given the capacity and weight of water, concrete grade is chosen for a monolithic foundation - not less than the M300.Therefore, "400" cement or "500".The mixture was poured slowly as possible.Voids, which are installed between the ground and the formwork is filled by means of layers of solution.After loading the concrete needs to be compacted, the air drove from his structure.In practice enough to pierce the mass of the reinforcing pin across the bowl area.

After complete drying of the concrete mix can be engaged directly work on the installation.

Concrete, as well as any material partially absorbs moisture.If he is preparing on the spot, the mixture is useful to introduce special / additives.If you purchased - be sure to "hydrophobic" category.Though he is a bit more expensive, but then rarely have to deal with the bowl repair.

To make the bottom of the pool as much as possible like an ordinary body of water, it is recommended to use a clean river sand.Desyatisantimetrovyh layer would be enough.

Pool 4

Features pools frame type

Pools frame type it is possible to construct a timber using the inner lining of aluminum or tin sheets.Of course, aluminum - a much more reliable and aesthetic option.In the process of the lower and upper studs pine timber is used, whereas the intermediate part can be any thick board.Giving sufficient rigidity index is performed using braces, which are based also form a strong board.

The main advantage of the pool frame lies in the fact that the cold period of the year it can be removed without problems.Implementation of the water changes inside the pool is also not difficult.At the bottom of the tank secured a flexible garden hose that will make it possible to use waste water for the purpose of watering the garden plants or lawn.

Frame Pool

During pool construction it is necessary to use a sealant, as is suitable even ordinary polyethylene film.Wood necessarily processed component that contributes to the stability of the aqueous medium.The price of the frame pool is minimal, but it is different enough solid appearance, and can be entered in any landscape.

Interestingly, it is possible to use ordinary PVC film to create his own hands basin.This is one of the most modern materials, which is characterized by significant operational and external parameters.The film is not afraid of continuous operation in the aqueous medium does not pass liquid, and therefore makes it possible to substantially reduce costs for waterproofing bowl.Surprisingly, even the presence of cracks in the bowl - the film is not a hindrance in keeping all water.Use of the film may be in the process of reconstruction of the old pool, and in the construction of a new water reservoir is not expected earthworks.

all parts of the film without problems fastened to each other by thermal welding, thereby creating lasting bowl.Installation of the pool is carried out on a pre-prepared base, after which it is rigidly fixed frame, put together from boards.

Enough popular option homemade cottage pool - a pool, which is based on fiberglass.Divide the material is extremely hard, no additional coating it is not required.The downside is that the fiberglass pool needs to traverse all the mandatory communication.As for the installation of the pedestal base is used in the concrete base, which offers maximum durability.


the case of small-size plot, it is better to install a swimming pool of industrial production - an inflatable.The price of such products depends on their shape, linear dimensions, manufacturer and starts from 1650 rubles.All construction work will be reduced only to the clean-up and alignment of the allocated area.Bay / discharge of water can produce ordinary garden hose.By the way, repair and will need only a "point", if there is a puncture.In this - an additional 1 "plus", since a lot of time to eliminate the damage is not required.