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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a fence of mesh netting with his hands - the instruction and advice

based on mesh netting fence - this is one of the most popular types of metal fence.This significant prevalence quite simple to explain:

  • Rabitz - is the most durable, reliable and inexpensive material.You can purchase it without any problems at any store specializing in construction products.Is not a problem and transport process as the sale of goods is carried out in rolls;
  • based on this mesh fence does not prevent the ingress of sunlight land necessary for the healthy growth of crops and garden plants.

process of installing the fence of mesh netting is quite possible with their hands, as any specialized skills just are not needed.In total there are two ways to fences and assembly: sectional and tension.The most simple and quick installation, which is based on the tensioning procedure.

fence - from - mesh netting

during installation will have the following resources:

  • Rabitz;
  • pillars of wood or metal;
  • fittings and fasteners.Suitable as a significant strength wire and cable.

markup calculations and material

First of all, you should decide so, what the amount of material required in the process.Check the number of the grid as possible, if you hold a measurement area boundaries.In the corners of the pins are set, and then stretched around the perimeter of the cord, which length is measured subsequently.Install the pillars should be observing the interval in the area of ​​250-300 centimeters.Focusing on this information, you can easily calculate how many columns should be used.

also need to understand what material to use when installing the poles.You can use a wooden block, sold in DIY stores.These bars are not as durable as metal, but significantly cheaper.The massive pillars is not necessary, as the grid - a material with low weight and minimal sail.

If the base is plain wooden pole pole, then it must necessarily be perfectly cleaned from the cortex.The exact length of the column depends on the kind of mesh width is, and what kind of fence height is required.It should be borne in mind that the height of the fence should be folded with the depth of the pits in which the installation will be carried out.After installation, you need to do coloring.In order to extend the operating period of the pillar, which is in the ground, carefully treated with mastic.


greater reliability and durability are characterized by metal poles.Pipe fit and with a square and rectangular cross-section.Adjustment of metallic pillars in size can be carried out using a grinder.If the grid is being mount hooks, they are pre-welded to the poles.Metal poles are always pre-degreased, cleaned with solvent and painted.Waterproofing mastic is necessarily applied to the part of the column, which is in the soil.On top of the pipe must be sealed to the inside has not got atmospheric moisture that promotes destruction.

Installing fence

So, the installation process begins with the preparation pits.The optimum depth - about a meter.Ideally, the holes should be 15 centimeters deeper occurrence of marks on which the ground is frozen.To avoid subsidence pits, the bottom should be covered with gravel and sand, which layers Trumbo.After backfilling and tamping performed a pit filled with water, contributing to a complete shrinkage.

If installed metal poles, it is possible to do concreting.With the help of ordinary shovel concrete mix is ​​poured into the pit layer.Sealing is achieved by shtykovaniya.It should be understood that the quality of the pillars mounting a direct effect on how long will the fence without the need for recovery operations.

When the poles are installed securely, begins stage grid installation.The roll is placed on the corner post and assigned to the region.If the grid is not reliable rust protection, it must be raised off the ground by about 10 centimeters, lest rot in the first year.When using wooden poles mesh is attached with nails or staples on metal poles, in turn, need to set the hook.

To prevent sagging, through the top of the net to skip the reinforcing rod is firmly fixed on poles.To achieve the maximum level of reliability, the rod can be omitted and the lower edge.If the grid is installed in full compliance with the rules, it is a long time does not sag, so you do not have to deal with the restoration work.