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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for self- repair of wells , video

Well - repair Well built by our ancestors - it was used for obtaining pure water from the bowels of the earth's surface.The first wells were constructed of wood, followed by stone structures.Nowadays, most wells are constructed using concrete rings that reliable and practical.

well construction - is quite time-consuming process, but that's your job does not end there.The fact is that some defects can occur during operation of the well.Thus, there is a need for timely repair of the well, which of course you can make your own hands.

Repair wooden well

Problems with wooden well arise often from prognivaniya boards.Rotting wood and loosening leads to contamination of the water, and wells will be impossible to use it - will have to find ways to purify water.The way out of this unpleasant situation is to replace unserviceable boards.Usually, this repair is complete or partial replacement of rotten boards on new, specially-treated bars or boards.


Well made of concrete or brick

repair the concrete pit mus

t be carried out at cracks or shifts occur.These problems can occur after unscrupulous employees who use poor quality cement.Also, it may depend on the characteristics of the soil that surrounds the pit.

To solve the problem with cracks is possible to use a special water-resistant putty, which is necessary to seal the cracks and defects inside the well.It is better to use a viscous putty, as they are more resistant to gidrovozdeystviyam.

In the case of concrete rings changes the situation is complicated.To fix this problem you need to completely disassemble the ring with broken seams.Then they are placed again at the same time carefully obscuring all seams.Such a decision may have to be equated with the construction of a new well.


brick pits repair much easier - often only need to replace damaged bricks.After removing the problem area using a new brick secured solution.After that, the treated surface is plastered.

As you can see, well repair activity is not easy, but it is quite feasible for the owner with his hands.In any case, it is easier to repair than to dig up from scratch a new one.However, in the case of a difficult situation, you may well use the services of experts to repair - the main thing to find an experienced and reliable craftsmen.