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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making a homemade smokehouse smoked - drawings and tips

If we talk about the choice between hot and cold smoking, the hot method of cooking in many ways preferable, as this process may be subjected to any fish.Here, for example, fish is not suitable for every jerky.Plus do this a fun experience can be almost anywhere: directly on fishing, in the yard, at their summer cottage.Equipment homemade smokehouse is surprisingly simple.Please be aware that smoking is of several types of products.Said has hot and cold and for semi.

Benefits smokehouse smoked

If a conversation is on the hot-smoked, it should be mentioned its advantages:

  • smokehouse simple design;
  • its production does not require any financial investments;
  • the use of smokehouse almost anywhere;
  • simplicity and speed of the smoking process;
  • product after smoking does not require additional treatment.

Depending on the anticipated volume of products (number, size), which will be laid for smoking, and she selected smokehouse construction and its dimensions.In general, any homemade smokehouse is a

sealed container that has a tight fitting lid.Under it can be used for extraction of linen, and a metal bucket and a box (again, a metal).

recommended that smokehouse (its components) was made from stainless steel.Specific requirements for the cover of the container.Firstly, it must be removed quickly and as quickly mounted in place.This is necessary to not come out all the smoke, which is needed for food products, occurs when the sample recess.Secondly, it must be leak-proof the entire volume.This is, again, in order to not leave the resulting smoke.

smokehouse - 2

design smokehouse

design itself is very simple.Inside the containers are arranged lattice (one or more) that are stacked products (meat or fish).Lattices stacked on welded to the walls of the corners of the box.If the container has a shape of a cylinder (tank, drum) that is insertable cassette consisting of a frame and lattices.This frame can be made of thin metal tube, the metal bar.Any man will think like him handier.Such a simple smokehouse I did as a child, using an iron barrel.

Take into account that if the products of the Copts in large quantities (especially fish), then as the lower tier should put some pan.On it will drain oil escaping at high temperature.If smoke without pallet, the fat will drip on the embers and burn.And this technology for making sausages is undesirable.

smokehouse 1

On the bottom of the tank is placed a substance that when heated emits smoke, which carries out smoking.Used traditionally wood.Suitable alder, cherry, apple, pear, walnut, oak and other hardwood varieties.Still, the best breeds for smoked traditionally considered juniper and alder.At the bottom of stacked or finely chopped (cut) pieces of wood or wood chips, sawdust.By the way, a lot of "material" is not necessary.If the capacity is small, it is enough and a few dry twigs broken into pieces.When filled the bottom, put the product on the grill and shut the lid, put on fire smokehouse.Or throw a fire under it if it is already installed permanently.

fire source can be anything.The fact that not necessarily be exactly the fire.It requires high temperatures.You can make a fire, put a gas burner, electric stove, there is no difference.The main thing - that the vessel temperature reached a certain limit, and the downloaded pieces of wood began to char, releasing the right to smoke process.

smoking process lasts for a different time.It depends on the design and scope of the smokehouse, the heating housing intensity, ambient temperature.Recommended by 40 minutes to "remove" the first sample.Gradually, it will be possible to navigate with confidence, at what stage is the preparation of a product at a particular time.

In other words, you need a personal experience with it this smokehouse.Typically, when a hot cooking process technology takes a few hours, maybe 1-2, depending on which products you cook - big fish or small roach and bream.Larger fish should be pre-cut in the stomach on a cutting board and a little turn inside out, so as to form a flat piece.

portable smokehouse portable smokehouse

Note - tips for smoking

  • should not be used to smoke rock containing a lot of pitches (cedar, spruce, pine, etc...);
  • at the bottom of the container layer of wood should always be to level, and not to impose a heap;
  • Fish should contain one layer.Only in this case it is possible to achieve high-quality preparation of each;
  • To determine how the smoking, enough to drip water on the cover.The boiling point of water, as is known - 100 degrees.If the drops start to boil, the mode is set correctly as smoking temperature should be a little less;
  • cooked foods hot smoking should not be stored for more than 3 days.