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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a manual water pump with his own hands - the instruction and video

Probably, the question of the manufacture of their hand pump hand the most relevant for gardeners - gardeners.Nowadays, manufacturers, and in turn, and sales network, offering a wide range of various water pumps.They differ in capacity, and the type and value.But the vast majority of which are electric.

However, many gardeners are often faced with such a problem as a lack of power or just the holiday of the array, or a single quarter.Whatever it was, and have a backup "setup" for pumping water is always necessary.Plants do not like to wait.They do not explain why the earth crack and who is to blame, that there is no water.It is better to always have on hand manual water pump, but here's the problem - to sell them almost impossible to find.

principle and unit water pump

Water pump - 1 In practice, manual water pumps are piston type.To properly make such a pump, we must clearly understand how it works.And it works is very simple - move the piston in the cylinder, which pushes the air out of him.It creates a vacuu

m, and enters (sucked) water.The piston goes in the opposite direction, and after it raised the water column, which finds an outlet in the exhaust pipe.Nothing complicated.

As a person working by hand and pouring water, either faster or slower.Of course, a lot of water so the pump does not pump up (unless it is necessary to take a break), but it always help out.If the water is at a depth of 8 m, even more, the pump will completely provide water.Just need to know the differences between a conventional pump and deep.

pump depth of not more than 8 m

Corps of the pump is a metal cylinder.Inside it and moves a piston rod which is connected to the handle "pitching".As such a cylinder (pump housing) can accommodate a piece of pipe liner of the diesel engine, the hydraulic cylinder body.Choose easy, if you know what you should have.The piston is made of different materials (metal, wood, plastic) - here everyone is doing as it is more convenient.It should be sealed by a rubber ring.Every once in childhood but assorted hand pump for pumping bicycle inner tube, so that the comparison is even close.

should be understood that the pump performance is primarily dependent on the valves - bypass and reverse.Valve - a hole in the bottom of the cylinder cover and the piston housing.When the piston moves to the lowest point, the water passes through the valve into the space above the piston.When the piston pushes it up in the water outlet pipe.It should be either metallic or reinforcement.Do not use pure rubber hose, as it will react to the change in pressure inside the cylinder and continuously shrink.


Deep variant pump

It is used if the water is at a depth of more than 8 - 10 m. By design, the pump will be repeats as described above, but there are some differences.The piston rod "walks" in the outlet tube itself, as it is not on the side of the cylinder (at the top), and on its top cover.Due to the fact that the piston rod has an increased length, it is better to be made of less heavy, but reliable material.For example, we use a duralumin tube.

valve for pump

separate conversation about valves.As an option - to make a diaphragm valve of the strong enough (but not too thick) rubber.A piece of a rubber is attached to the valve hole.You can use the riveting can be cogs - Gadget.Sense valve operation is that when the water presses on the rubber, the rubber is raised and lets water.No pressure, and the hole is blocked - operates a mechanism such as a pin.Although there are other models of valves.Who is interested can find the necessary information in the proposed video: