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Country House

August 12, 2017 18:06

Options for the manufacture of the decorative fence for flower beds with their own hands

at his country house, you can relax the soul, do what he likes, and just finally get a barbecue at the weekend.Of course, in the country stay even nicer when there are lovingly planted trees and flowers, which is literally the eye pleasing.Incidentally, flower beds look great, but a decorative fence around them will not even be superfluous.

small fence will give a flower bed a finished look, keep the plants, not allowing them to grow beyond the flower beds.Flowers of the fence will be relatively safe from pets, dogs and cats, and most importantly, by the guests who will see where you can not attack, and not your potopchut barely visible shoots in spring.

in DIY stores today you can buy almost everything - from the decorative stork to the pool or fountain.But first, all of this costs money, and secondly, and more important reason - we can all do not like or are not suitable for our purposes.Besides it, make fence for flower beds with their own hands will not be difficult - it's even more fun than wor

Let's get started.

Fence of twigs

This option is selected by many, and there are reasons.It is environmentally friendly, it does not harm the plants (tree gradually decomposes in the ground, supplying nutrients) and winter tree less prone to freezing, unlike plastic or stone, and the soil will be protected from excessive hypothermia, exactly like the flowers roots.Traditional fence is made of wicker, which is recommended to harvest in early spring - then the bark is stripped easiest.Weave fence is possible as on the principle of the basket when the rods are passed in front of and behind the dug stakes, or just sticking thick rods into the ground in a semicircle.Ready wooden fence can be painted with acrylic paint.

fence - out rods

Fence from plastic bottles

This variant is even simpler than the previous one, and can in some cases be more durable.As you know, the plastic does not decompose in the earth, so this fence can be destroyed only direct deformation - if stepped carefully.Manufacturing process is extremely simple - in empty plastic bottles poured sand bottle closed with a lid and dig in the ground.It is possible to dig at an angle, so that more variety of designs.After the installation it is recommended to paint the fence ready - you can paint from a container, so it will be better and faster.

fence - for - beds - his - hands

Whichever option fence for the colors you choose, remember the main thing - your imagination has no limits, use any materials, show their creative nature, and life will be brighter and more saturated.